21/08/22- A relaxed weekend

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Hello everyone, i hope you all are fine and doing well .Since this month was full of festivals such as rakshabandhan and Janmashtami but Being in the college hostel far 1000Kms away from my home, it was difficult to get those festive vibes as the day activities were as normal as any normal day.

Iskcon temple visit few days back

I woke up at 7:00 AM, brushed my teeth and alongwith my roommates, went to have breakfast. It was Puri and dal in the breakfast, the taste was okay but it was oily as breakfast.


As today Sunday, so i was having holiday. It was feeling too relaxed as after long exhausting days, i got a 3 day long holiday. I studied for some time . After that, i took bath. The day was bit boring as compared to others as many residents of hostel, whose home is nearby, went to their home for the weekend. I then, went to have my lunch.

After having lunch, i decided to make a wall painting on my room's wall that always looked empty to me . Firstly I draw a pencil sketch and then brushed it with colours.

Wall painting by me

In the evening, i went to the roof of the hostel, where I stared at my previous hostel and remembered those old good days.

My previous hostel

After going for a walk through the campus, i had my dinner . Many friends of mine went to Iskcon Durgapur to celebrate Janmashtami, i just visited it 3-4 days back, so we skipped it.


Good night

Thank you

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