18/08/22- A tiring day

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Hello everyone, i hope you all are fine and healthy and in the best of spirits.
Today, i woke up at 7:00 am, i was little tired because the whole week was full of lab and theory classes. I brushed up my teeth and took bath hastily as the other hostelers too have their classes in the morning and they may occupy bathroom earlier.

I alongwith my roommates went to mess to have breakfast. It was poha and tea in breakfast. It was delicious. Soon after having it, we left for our lab class. The lab was far from our hostel so, we moved fastly. Somehow, we reached there on time .

Poha in breakfast

In the class, sir took our attendance and then he started demonstrating an experiment. After finishing it, he asked us to complete the lab report of that experiment and submit it the next week .

Sessional class, CNC machine

After spending 3 hours in lab class, we rush to our hostel and had our lunch . I came back to my room and took a look on phone and took a small nap. After sometime, my friend woke me up for going to next class. I was already tired, still i lifted myself up and again got ready for the next classes.

Theory class

We reached to the location of classes and attended all the three classes there. After coming back to home in evening, i took rest and studied for some time, then we had our dinner .


The whole day was very tiring . In the night, i went for walking around the campus.

Good night

Thank you


Nice diary from your side.

         Have a great day 😊

Thank you

Good to see you again on this platform keep posting regularly and use proper tags.

Thank you so much

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Thank you for the information mam.

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