STEEMINDIA CONTEST NO#11 || Make a craft with colored paper || 25%@steemindiaa

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Hi friends and dear members,
Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying life with your family and friends. Today I am going to launch a Contest #11 in this post, and the contest is open to all.

Contest Details:-

The contest's subject is "Make a craft with colored paper". To take part in this contest, you have to make any craft with colored paper, it can be an origami, paper flower, or wall hangings and there is no limit to your imagination.

The contest is open to all steemians of around the world, and can make a post in any language and should submit its English translations with it.


Contest Prize:

We have decided to giveaway 25 steems pool prizes as:
1st Prize- 12steems
2nd Prize- 8 steems
3rd Prize- 5 steems
and also will get surprise upvotes from curators.


Contest deadline is 09 JUNE 2022, 11.59 pm IST .


Contest Rules to be Followed:

• Contest post must be submitted only in the #steemindia community.
• Contest post title should be "STEEMINDIA CONTEST NO# 11 || making of paper craft @username(replace your username) .
• Post must have at least 5 pictures of the making methods and a selfie with the final craft.
• Contest is for making craft so the artist must explain how he made the craft with quality writing article must have at least 300 words.
• Contestant must have participated in any of one clubs such as #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.
• Use tags #art, #creative, #si-art and the club you are in, for example #club5050 .
• You can also ue #learnwithsteem and #tutorial if you make a craft with the tutorial.
• Set 10% to @steemindiaa.
• Pictures must be your own, copying pictures from the internet is not allowed.
• Don’t post any Plagiarised or illegal content.
• Invite at least three friends to take part in the contest.
• Submit your post link in the comment section of this post.
• Upvote and Resteem this post.



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Discord :
Telegram :-




 10 months ago 

I post my diary on the basis of this title and I invite

thank you and we expect your and your friends entries soon

 10 months ago 

So beautiful contest. I will definitely join. 🥰❤️

Thank you, I expect a good entry from you side, I would like to invite @eliany, @sualeha, @arshani, @nexcis, @kishwarsumbal, @ikramullah430, @leyxi209 to participate in the contest

 10 months ago 

Thank you... I think they will definitely join.

Thanks dear for inviting me ❤️❤️
Good luck for contest
I will definitely participate 🥰🥰

 10 months ago 

Thank you for inviting me sister! 💞I will try to participate for the contest. Have a good times!

 10 months ago 

i'll take post my entry soon

I am ready to participate in this contest and I invite my friends @kyrie1234 @starrchris @sailawana to take participate too.

Lovely contest everyone have to participate. I invite @ylene74 @lirvic @kunwal

 10 months ago 

Waoo it's simple craft design . I try my best and i invite @simonnwigwe @yancar @joyarub

As soon as possible I post my contest entry and I invite my steemit friends @tocho2 ,@paholags , @ijelady and @poorvik to take part on this contest.

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Thanks friend @jyoti-thelight. The contest is very attractive, let's see cute original and creative paper crafts.

Thankyou for the whishes and I hope so

Thanks for inviting me on this contest. As soon as possible I post my contest entry and I invite my steemit friends @alee75 ,@moer and @ijelady to take part on this contest.

Hi dear @varsha001 I am really happy to see you again in the comment section, all the best

superb origami contest ... i invite some of my steemit friends.
@arshani @ranarahman @kyrie1234

I am really excited to see your and your friends entries

beautiful contest of paper origami organised by our community i would like to invite @eliany @nadiaturrina

Thankyou for the complements, and the invitations

That's one of the best and creative contest . I invite my firenda to participate in this contest @wase1234 @pea07 @chant @wirango

 10 months ago 

Thank you fir inviting me my dear friend
Really interesting contest you guys have come up with
I'll make an entry soon 🙃

 10 months ago 

Thanks for the invitation. I will participate soon.

bdhiya contest hai kosis krunga jarurr hissa lu or kuch logo ko invite bhi krta hu


aapne , sabi dostoko ivite karke contest ko aur famous kardiya, thank you

contest bhut bdhiya hai sbhi ko jarur hisa lena chahiye .

invite my friends @carlaisl , @ukpono


@anilgzp Bodut din baad aapki message dekar kush hogaye hum

once again nyc contest organise
I invite some of the active steemit user that makes this contest beautiful by participating ..
@ghani12 @maulidar @ikwal

thank you so much @fitcoachshivam for inviting me

Thank you 😊

Thank you for inviting your friends hope they will join soon

apni community din pr din bdhiya kr rhi hai lgee rhiye issi trh sb log.

Ji haa humari ekta humari taakat, isme hum sab ko balaai hai

try to participate my friends.

Good, we wish you all the best!

Good contest. Best wishes

thank you, we expect your entry

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Hi @ngoeny, thank you for the great support , wish you all the best "Steem Growth"

 10 months ago 

very nice contest. i'll surely participate soon. I would like to invite @varsha001 @harmandeep2004 @krishna001

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