Steemit Engagement Challenge S3:W3 - What different animals can teach humans by @jahangeerkhanday

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Hello dear steemians, how are you all? I hope you all are fine and enjoying your life to its fullest.Today i firstly will thank #steemiindia community for coming up with such intresting contests in which almost everyone can take part.Today i am here with my experience with my pets and am hopeful you all will get time to go through this post and also like it.

Firstly if i talk about animals ,in this era animals show more compassion and love as compared to humans.We humans who are superior to all the species in every respect always have harmed others in one or the other way and have been very selfish right from the start.On the other hand animals only hurt others when intimidated and harmed.When left alone animals never hurt others.Their instincts are such that they do all to safeguard them and not merely to hurt others.
Today i will share my experiences of having a pet with you all.
My pet is no different from others.The same instincts ,the same love ,the same compassion,the same behaviour that most of the pets have.I have named my cat LUCY.
Lucy is very cute and agile.I have fed her with whatever she likes.She is with me right from her birth and i have seen her life very closely .The warmth she shows in return is quite commendable.Being very close to my pet i have learnt many lessons in my life.

IMG_20220322_205337.jpglucy resting in my lap

Love your close ones and care for them.

Lucy always have shown me how to treat your close ones by sitting in my lap and licking my hands as if she kisses me everytime i sit ideal at my home.She also has a habit of getting stick to my legs both on leaving home as well as while returning as if she does not let me leave the home and does love me by hugging me while returning.When i walk in lawn ,lucy follows me everytime as if she will follow for the whole of my life .

Be considerate for your close ones.

Lucy always cares about her close ones.She has a habit of making Meow meow sounds whenever any stranger enters our home.She does this all as if she warns to remain vigilant and careful so as to avoid some untoward incident.

Be faithful to the ones who did some good to you.

This is something pretty important i have learnt from lucy .In this modern world people usually forget the ones who did something good to them and does not care for returning it back.But lucy has a habit of caring and loving the ones who feed her and love her.My parents usually feed her with milk and lucy returns their love to them by spending time in front of them and by sitting in their lap with love.

Don't loose what you are.

Whenever lucy is intimidated by anyone,she shows her anger and may be she can attack the intimidator.Here i like one thing that is be what you are and not change your nature for anyone.Be what you are and return love in exchange of love and if anyone harms you try to defend it and not to be a looser.

Be on time wherever you go.

Lucy has a habit of returning home on time doesn't matter where she is and in what situation she is in.I try to apply this thing in my life as i am a govt.employee i try to reach office on time no matter where i am and in what situation i am in.

Don't be shy.

Don't be shy in any of the circumstances.Be bold and do whatever the situation demands.Stand up for your rights.Never hesitate in demanding your rights.Keep struggling till you achieve your goals.

IMG_20220322_205358.jpgloving lucy in my lap

Lucy is around 3 years old and with every passing day my concerns of losing her increase and my love for her increases day by day.Afterall she is not just my pet but also a leader in my life.I love her a lot and watch her very closely to learn different lessons in my life ..
Thank you all for going through my post.Love you all.
I hereby invite my friends @nainaztengra @monz122 @zeewanee to this contest


Hola amigo @jahangeerkhanday 👋

Lucy te ha enseñado cosas maravillosas, amar sin condiciones, ser fieles, cariñoso, responsables y sobre todo a valorar cada momento como si fuera el último.

Ha Sido un placer conocer a lucy, saludos 🤗

 8 months ago 

He discussed that humans can teach animals many things. It sounds like you discussed it very well. Can teach people many things. Good luck to you

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