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Hello friends how are you doing. I am Ashutosh Kumar from Uttar Pradesh India. I'm fine, how are you guys, I hope. You will all be well and doing well. In my committee and I am again present today. With a new diary of yours, let's start without delay.


This morning I woke up late because I slept a little late at night, around 1:00 am. Because I was watching Amazon Prime's series The Boys. I'm sorry I can't take screenshot. Tomorrow I will definitely share it with you.

So in the morning I would be a little late, I got up at around 8:30 and after that went to freshen up. After getting fresh I did the rest of the activities like rinse, take a bath and then do the pooja. After the pooja, I had my breakfast. No matter what breakfast he says, because today I ate some papad with tea, after that I checked the messages in my phone for updates.

And then I suddenly remembered at 10.30 am that I had to go to the bank for my personal work, so I put on my slippers and put my mobile in my pocket and then left for the bank.


And when I left the bank after doing my work, I saw a breakfast cart outside. Where whole vegetable and kachori sabzi was being available, my mouth watered after seeing me and luckily I had some money in my pocket, so because of this I went to you and why did I have delicious kachori sabzi breakfast. Now Utela is famous for breakfast here. It is very famous in the case of Puri Kachori.


During the day when I was studying, my mother called me and showed me that the network was not coming in the TV. Only when I saw the country, I came to know that the recharge is over, so I took the money and then went to the shop. To recharge the TV, I went there and got it recharged and after that it is bad again.

The market was very crowded as the festival time is going on. That's why people are coming all the way to shop. First of all, the festival of Karva Chauth is coming. After that Diwali is also coming again. Because of this there is a lot of crowd going on.


In the evening, while I was running Instagram you on my phone, I saw a post which was quite funny. I am sharing it with you. Not one but many posts. I share a couple of posts with you so that you can also laugh a little and I like it. share with you.



Photos captured by@ashubaba01 (myself)
Diary gamewe learn something new everyday and share with steem india family. And learn new with the posts of our friend here. I'm inviting you all here, come and participate in the diary game daily. (One Day, One Post)
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That's all from my side today. Thanks for stopping by. See you in next post with a new diary



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