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Since I arrived here, I’ve never stopped of getting marveled by all the amazing works that I have seen and read almost daily. Seriously, there are so many talented people here on Steemit and sometimes it’s sad to see how many of them have gone unnoticed, have been underrated and mostly unrewarded. So guys, I think this has to change and I won’t give up till this idea finally become in something more palpable and real!

I know that there are already so many exceptional communities, they are that conspicuous that I don’t even have to mention them. But what I’m proposing (and I know this might sound a bit pretentious), is something different. I honestly see some problems here on Steemit and they don’t seem to change, I mean history and philosophy posts are a bit undervalued here, just to give you guys an example… Let’s see, you all only need to check those tags and then see how many marvelous posts related to those tags go unnoticed most of the time. There are so many precious gems that we all never get to see and that’s quite sad. I have seen some users that get inactive because of it. That’s what I want to change! Those users deserve more attention and better rewards, and I’m sure that with @curie’s support, we could make this happen!

So this is where Alexandria’s Library comes in…

This community was created in order to support unrewarded content.

So the topics this project would curate at first instance will be those that are related to different Philosophical Questions, the History of Humanity, Sciences, the Universal Literature and Arts.

Philosophy, History, Sciences, Literature and Arts.

Those fields will be our focus since the very beginning, we will incentivize Steemians to post about these topics more often.

Our Concept...

Alexandria's Library is a legendary library of its time. This library was a storehouse of knowledge and information about many things, especially those related to philosophy, history, science, literature and arts. This library became an icon and the greatest symbol of human civilization at its time, it truly was like the epitome of knowledge in the ancient world, but unfortunately it was eventually destroyed due to different conflicts. I want to evoke what’s supposed to be the legendary Library of Alexandria in those beautiful Ancient Times. This iconic Library truly was like the pinnacle of wisdom for the greatest human civilizations back then, so we want to emulate what that Library meant to be, right here on Steemit.

Basically, this community was born when we saw how many good posts go unnoticed without getting a decent reward. We think many Steemians become inactive due to the lack of appreciation they receive. We certainly do not want to see that happening here, what we want is to work on solving that problem. We hope new stories and more articles related to these topics will appear once the people get motivated. We all want to emulate what was supposed to be that library (but in a smaller way, of course), and that with time, this Curie Curated Community will become a huge library full of valuable knowledge and helpful information. So in a different context, Alexandria's Library will be reborn in a distant time, where librarians are the very Steemians around the world.

Promoting Alexandria's Library certainly cannot be done by one or two people. A massive movement is needed to bring back the spirit of the ancient library of Egypt. We think promoting the #alexandriaslibrary tag will make a bigger impact on that desire.

These tags can be used for all the content related to philosophy, history, science and literature. The coverage of these areas seem to be lacking on Steemit.

You can also make use of these following tags:


To search, reward and gather on the STEEM blockchain high quality content in matters of Philosophy, History, Science and Literature; under the shelter of an organized community.


To consolidate a system of archived information on the STEEM blockchain that evokes what was supposed to be the majestic Library of Alexandria: the greatest storehouse of valuable knowledge in ancient times.


Due to the great amount of content that is posted on the STEEM Blockchain every day, the curator team of Alexandria's Library project is compelled to find the most valuable content in this giant ocean of Steemit. We would like gather Steemit posts in a library of sorts, to realize the first bibliographic exhibition on the blockchain. Finding and resteeming as well as curating all the best finds either weekly, monthly or annually.

These are the guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • Only Original Content. No Plagiarism.
  • +500 words (Poems can be shorter than 500 words though)
  • Good Grammar.
  • No paraphrasing.
  • No Abusive or Sensitive Content.
  • No Reposts. Content has to be fresh.
  • No Google Translated posts.
  • References and images have to be properly cited.
  • Adequate Formatting.
  • Only posts related to the main topics: Philosophy, History, Sciences, and Literature.
  • Only outstanding content, average posts will be likely rejected.

Specific Guidelines

Philosophy Guidelines

  • Opinions, ideas, arguments, and thoughts have to be objective.
  • No fallacies.
  • Philosophers and books’ references have to be properly cited.
History Guidelines

  • No anachronisms or incoherencies, historical accuracy will be highly appreciated.
  • Historical references have to be perfectly cited.

Science Guidelines

  • Objectivity.
  • Sources have to be perfectly cited, otherwise, the post will probably be disqualified.
  • Planted problems have to be properly solved.
  • Only well-explained posts.

Literature Guidelines

  • Excellent Grammar.
  • Well Punctuated posts.
  • Text has to be coherent and understandable.
  • Fiction posts have to be innovative and original.
  • Descriptions and dialogues have to be outstanding (fiction).
  • Literary references have to be properly cited.

Remember that guidelines are not mandatory. They are not totally determinant and inflexible, they are made to give some guidance to content creators. A post that does not fit all the guidelines can still be outstanding.

Note: This is the first version of what will be the official guidelines of The Alexandria's Library.

Monthly and Annually Bibliographic Exhibitions

The bibliographic exhibitions will be posted at the end of every month. Additionally, the TOP 5 most outstanding posts of the month will be selected and properly praised. Those editions will make use of tags related to their corresponding date. For example, April 2020’s exhibition will showcase the "alexandria-april2020" tag. Those of the year 2020 will have the "alexandria-2020” tag. That way, all the outstanding content that have been curated will be perfectly stored and organized through those tags.

We have created an account with the name @alexandrias-lib to make it easier to curate each work. This account will be periodically posting the bibliographic exhibitions as well as posts about other important stuff. Exceptional posts will be resteemed through our accounts.

Feel free to join our community:


Thanks for the intruduction. It will be nice to post on this topics. Hopefully i shall try later.

Hi. I share your same concern.
Many users with very valuable publications have gone unnoticed and possibly have left the platform. But there are still users who do incredible research work, however they aren't well paid.
I hope that this project can do justice to these authors (Better visibility of publications on the topics proposed and better rewards for those users who post).
You have earned my respect @jhnmunoz

It sounds like a fun initiative. Hopefully it will be successful, having strict guidelines helps in some ways and hinders in others. I’ll give it a follow to find new content and vote ones though!

I love the idea and hopefully high quality content creators will get the needed motivation to keep getting better and better

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