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Greetings Steemit friends

So far, it has been concluded that animals have five senses by nature. That includes humans. Scientists have done their share to give information and how we have either made good use or taken it for granted.

 🗣️ What are your senses? Which of them is your favorite and why?

By nature, I have five sense organs. These organs manage the different five senses (sight, sound, taste, and touch). In summary, the organs are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin.

  • Eyes for sight
  • Ears for sound
  • Nose for smell
  • Tongue for taste
  • Skin for touch.

All the senses are vital to me, and difficult to pick one over the other. For the sake of the contest, I will pick touch as my favorite. With the absence of the other, I can make some judgments after touching something for a while. An example is I can find the shape edge of a knife without seeing it. I can feel the vibration of sound while listening to the music.

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 🗣️ Do you think certain senses are more important than others?
 Why or why not?

No, I don't think any sense is more important than others. As I mentioned, the senses are functions of organs of the body. Every organ function is vital, and I can't say one is less important than the other.

 🗣️ If you could have an extra sense, 
 what would it be and how do you think it would improve your life?

I don't think we can have an extra sense, finding a way to improve on the current senses is the option as of now. We humans have a limit in all the above senses, and some animals have higher frequency to the senses. For example, a cat can hear a mouse, but we will need a higher frequency to get it.

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For the sake of the contest, I would love to have the sense to detect magnetic fields. It can be helpful in water when swimming, which I can use to avoid getting sharks towards me. With this sense, I can be able to detect and avoid radioactive emissions when approaching high currents.

 🗣️ How do you think our senses influence our perception of the world around us?

Sure, our senses influence our environment too. Government and Non-governmental organizations have done a lot to have everyone on the same page. I know a community that isolated humans who lack one or two senses. It has not been easy as some of these individuals have to go with the name disabled, vulnerable, and some communities outcast.

With this, these individuals do not feel as belonging and sometimes try to end their lives. It is not easy to be in a community where most people walk without a white stick, and you have to walk with one. You find yourself in a position where you have to be pit and dependent on others.

To conclude, no one decides to be born with a disability. I think if we could make that decision, we all would have been born with senses and functioning at high altitudes.


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God has given us different senses just so that we can perceive this world better. Exactly as you said. We must have ears to hear and nose to smell. We can easily perceive something by touching it and for that we need sense and we need sight to see. Creator has given us every sensor only so that we can perceive this world well and move well in this world.

But I also want to agree with you. Creator has given each sense for each different function. So if we ever lose a sense we become crippled and hindered in our way of life. So thank you very much for sharing your wonderful opinion about Sess through this wonderful contest. I pray to God for you that your post is included in the best list.


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You're right! All senses are as important as the other. There's none which has more importance that the other. They all work in concordance to give am amazing experience to us. Really great posy

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Hai temanku @fombae,
Saya sangat mengerti dengan kesimpulan yang anda berikan temanku :

Kesimpulannya, tidak ada seorang pun yang memutuskan untuk dilahirkan dengan disabilitas. Saya pikir jika kita bisa mengambil keputusan itu, kita semua akan dilahirkan dengan indera dan berfungsi di tempat yang tinggi.

Karena semua orang menginginkan sempurna. Tidak berfungsi dengan normal pada salah satu anggotanya saja akan membuat semangat dalam dirinya turun, apalagi salah satu dari indra kita hilang. Maka sangatlah bersyukur jika kita diberikan kesempurnaan pada indra yang kita miliki.

Salam sukses teman, kita berharap indra-indra yang kita miliki akan berfungsi normal hingga akhir dari hayat kita. Semoga beruntung kawan

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Hi @fombae,
Your presentation on this post, really interest me reasons being that you presented your sense organ orderly and write what they represent.l am also delighted to see that you also value all organs as l, it is a very true they all have thier function in thier own ways,none should be underestimated.
Best of luck in this contests.

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آپ نے بہترین تحریر لکھی ہے۔ سب سے منفرد بات جو میں نے پڑھی ہے وہ ہے آپ کی خواہش کہ
میگنیٹک فلیڈ کو محسوس کرنا۔ واقعی یہ تیرنے کے شوقین افراد کے لئے اک نعمت ہو سکتی ہے۔۔۔۔اپ کا دن اچھا گزرے۔