Curator Cat on Caturday: We Cats DO Love Our Naptime!

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Greetings Fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Hope the weekend is going well for you! The weekend is always my favorite time because it includes Saturday, and Saturday means Caturday!

I love my sheepskin!

On the whole, we've had a pretty quiet Caturday around here. The Hoomans are all busy with their art projects and even though I have tried to "help" them, they don't seem all that pleased when I get in the middle of everything!

What's a cat to do/ Well, this cat goes off to find one of the many comfortable sleeping spots around the house... because we cats do love to sleep.

Maybe I should just sleep on this blanket, which is in the same room as the Hoomans...

Did you know?

Most cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours per 24-hour period. As we grow older, we lean more towards the 18 hour end of the scale. As kittens, we're more likely to spend time running around like mad things!

Our elderly lady cat Smudge definitely fits towards the "sleepy" end of the scale... she's going to be 15 years old soon, and that's a ripe old age for a cat!

Smudge WAS asleep on the ottoman, shortly before this photo!

Enjoying the More Positive Crypto Markets!

After what seems like an eternity of gloomy news, it's really nice to see a bit of an upturn in the crypto markets!

Last I checked on our Steem token, it was at just over 18 cents. That might not sound like much of anything, but consider that 18 cents is a 20% rise from the 15 cents we were having most days since about mid-November.

There's an old investment saying/superstition that "As goes January, so goes the year!" It would certainly be nice if we had an up year, wouldn't it?

Sometimes I even sleep with the DOG! She's nice and warm...

Returning to One of my Old Hopes

Of course, it's also my hope that if the price of Steem rises the activity level on Steemit will also rise. I have purely selfish motivations! I really would like to see some of our pet-related communities come back to life... or see someone start a new one and make a serious go of it!

I suppose I could start posting to one of Steemit's more *"general" communities, but will they really be interested in pictures of cats?

Well, more about that later!

Thanks for visiting my page, and have a wonderful remainder of your weekend!


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My smudge is asleep at the moment in the lounge after a sleepy sort of day LOL

Happy New Year to you and your cats

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