Curator Cat on Caturday — Doing My Best to Stay Enthusiastic About Pets on Steemit!

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Greetings Fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Guess what? It's Saturday, and Saturday means CATURDAY, that special day of the week to post cat pictures online.

I do love my playtime!

So if you're reading this and happen to be a cat lover, why not snap a few photos of your feline friend(s) and share them with the community?

I do so wish we could have a more active Pet community here on Steemit. I have been keeping up with my cat blog for a little over five years now, and I find it a mystery that there aren't more people posting with pet-related tags and content.

With as many active members as we have here, I just know that many of you have pets, in one form or another. I keep trying to promote pet content, but sometimes it feels like "shouting into the wind."

But I'll keep trying!


It has been a nice sunny day around our place... you might almost think that SPRING is about to happen!

Oh... wait... Spring is officially on Monday! Well, it has certainly taken its time to get here! We cats are very happy about it, because longer days and more sunshine means we have more opportunities to nap in sunny spots!

The Hoomans were quite busy with their "gardening" today, because it was a nice day. I just watched from the window, since I am an indoors cat... I don't mind, there are a lot of predators in our area.


Meanwhile, it's nice to see the crypto markets moving somewhat higher, in spite of all the banking drama. Seems like people are remembering that crypto is supposed to be the alternative to fiat currency... not like it!

Hopefully, our Steem token will keep rising for a while, as well... seems like progress has been pretty slow, but I suppose we should be thankful to be back above 20 cents again!

Well, I hope everyone's Caturday was a good one... and I would like to wish everyone a great Sunday!


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