Curator Cat Caturday: And We Now Return to Our Regular Programming!

Greetings fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

I realize I have been somewhat absent from these pages lately... but it's CATURDAY today (since it is Saturday) so I thought it was time for me to return to Steemit with a few cat pictures!

Loving that sunshine!

Part of the reason for my absence has to do with our recently nice weather. I have been far too busy napping in the sun to think about blogging...

... no, just kidding! But the weather does have something to do with it, but it's mostly that the Hoomans have been very busy working in their garden, leaving not much time for cat blogs!

I don't want to get in the dirt... I leave that to the Hoomans!

I can watch them, digging around in the dirt outside... I prefer my nice sunny window perch.

Don't they know that digging in the dirt is something you should only do to... ahem... go to the bathroom?

Silly Hoomans!

Napping on the ironing board

Otherwise, things are going fairly well around the house. Sure, the crypto markets have taken a nosedive... but, in time, they'll come back. This stuff always seems to happen in cycles.

In the meantime, I recently managed to surpass 1,500 Steem Power for the first time, and I don't feel half bad about that! Sure, I am still a very small fish in this ocean... but it all adds up.


Meanwhile, my fuzzy housemate Smudge is doing well and also enjoys the sunnier weather.

It's funny how cats each have their own ways of interpreting "sunny spots" for naptime... we seldom end up choosing the same locations.

Well, that's about it, for this go around. I hope your Caturday was a good one!


X-117/414 2022-05-21

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