Curator Cat — Caturday and Memorial Day Weekend!

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Greetings fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

It's a long holiday weekend here in the USA because tomorrow is Memorial Day — known in many parts of the world as "Remembrance Day."


It's pretty peaceful around our place because the guests we were supposed to have come by today ended up canceling.

I'm OK with that! Means I get to do what cats do best: nap, and in peace!

Caturday was also pretty quiet, and I spent much of my day sleeping in front of the screen door because it was a sunny and warm day outside!


I intended to stop by Steemit yesterday to make a Caturday post, but the Hoomans were too busy with their gardening to help create a post... and I still haven't figured out how to use a computer keyboard by myself!

Although... sometimes I do manage to send "premature email" by walking across the keyboard while one of my Hoomans is working!


Bitcoin Rally?

I bet a lot of people were happy to suddenly see Bitcoin take off and run, earlier today... briefly getting up to almost $28,500. It's nice to see some activity after such a long time of nothingness.

Now I just hope that we'll see some movement in our own Steem tokens, soon! Seems like we have been "in the basement" for rather a long time... and I'm getting a little tired of it!


Meanwhile, I slowly approach my goal of getting to 2,000 Steem Power on my account here... it has taken a long time, and I have never powered down! Hopefully, during the next few weeks!

Thanks for visiting, and have a lovely rest of your holiday weekend!


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