Curator Cat: Belated Caturday Post... and Cat Update in General!

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Greetings Fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Well, I'm afraid we missed out on a Caturday post yesterday... but since practically all days are Caturdays here at our house I figured that "better late than never" would apply!

Going upside-down for attention!

Upside Down?

Actually, things are a little upside-down around here due to the Hoomans and their "house cleaning project."

What's a cat to do? They have so many interesting bags and boxes and stacks of stuff everywhere, and I simply must try to examine them all!

Of course, that's not always a popular course of action... silly Hoomans!

I love a good box as much as the next cat!

Of course, one of the drawbacks to all these activities is that the Hoomans have less time on their hands to help me with my blog. Whereas I can be quite good at sending "unintentional email," I still haven't figured out how to use a computer keyboard well enough to write my own blog posts.

Oh well, I suppose I just have to be happy with what I can get. It helps a little when I remind the Dad-Hooman that my blogging rewards could be used to help buy cans of cat food, and such!

That helps a little!


Still Hoping For Active Pet Communities!

I know a few people on Steemit periodically make posts with their pets, but I really wish we could have an honest-to-God active pet community here.

Doesn't even have to be a cat community... just something along the lines of the once great "Daily Pet Photography" community.

I wonder what people are so hesitant about? Afraid that pictures of animals won't earn rewards? Something else? It's a bit puzzling!

Posing for the camera!

Well, maybe an answer will present itself, here in 2023! It would certainly be NICE to have an active "home."

In the meantime, I appreciate you stopping by... comments are always welcome!


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Perhaps people are too busy to read your post! 🙀😂

Less people are blogging nowadays too!

You doing good

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