Happy Caturday From Curator Cat and Smudge!

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Greetings Fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

We've already arrived at the weekend again, and that means it's the first Caturday of the month of February!

CC0188-InThe Sun.jpg
Always find the sunny spots!

Of course Caturday is my favorite day of the week. Even so, around here the Hoomans do a pretty good job of making sure that pretty much every day feels like Caturday.

Today has been a pretty fun day! I have managed to get into all sorts of things I wasn't suppose to.

You see, the humans are working on their arts and crafts projects because they have one of their "shows" next weekend.


That means there's all sorts of stuff scattered around on the big table in the kitchen, and lots of those things are little things that roll and bounce, which of course any self respecting cat would love to play with!

Somehow, the Hoomans don't seem to share my enthusiasm for it…

After having been told off several times — have you ever tried effectively telling off a cat? — I turned my back on their lack of understanding and went about finding a good place to sleep somewhere.

The Mom-Hooman's Tarot reading for a client seemed as good a place as any!


The second best thing about Caturday is napping a lot!

Of course I nap a lot pretty much every day, but napping and turning your rear end towards the camera when it's Caturday and the humans are trying to photograph you as one of my favorite things!

I am quite good at strategically stopping to "play the fiddle" when it is least desired!


Meanwhile, it has certainly been nice to see our Steem token slowly but steadily increase a bit in value!

As I write these words we have made it up to $0.22. Whereas that certainly not much compared to the past, it's a heck of a lot better than the $0.14 we were sitting at at the beginning of the year.

Let's hope it keeps going. after our rather miserable 2022 it would be nice to see something positive happen this year!


Meanwhile, Smudge is still doing well although she's a bit too old for the fun and games I prefer. It's her birthday right around Valentine's Day and she's going to be 16!

For an old kitty lady, she's actually doing quite well!

And that's about it, for this installment of Caturday — I hope yours has been a good one, and thanks for stopping by!


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