Withering penis is still downvoting me...(on Steem). ...Game on.

in FreeSpeech Community4 years ago

I've just noticed the down voting continues, by wither - It makes no difference to me which platform it happens on...The theft of money from my supporters wallets are all the same.
Oh dear.
It looks like my ideas will have to be engaged....

snap 1.jpg
A portrait of withering penis... when someone stands upto his authoritarian, low IQ strategies..

Let the NPC meme's commence!

IMAG0034  Copy  Copy 2.JPG

IMAG0034  Copy  Copy 2.JPG

IMAG0034  Copy  Copy 2.JPG

I'll be finishing off a video (or two), so as to be able leave it on every account that 'wither'upvotes.


For the first time in 2 years, I'll also be engaging my down voting option, - on small accounts that he upvotes for (possibly his own accounts, anyway) - And with a full explanation in the comments as to why.
Every day.
A downvote and a full explanation.

I may also be offering some of the accounts the opportunity to join us in the #newhiveparadigm, with a chance to receive a portion of my profits that I make from trading.
(Hopefully we can all profit even more from this exercise - if more people jump on the #newhiveparadigm bandwagon).
Authoritarian pieces of shit commies hate success, so would it be a great added bonus, eh?
They are innocent of deserving any down voting from me, so I'll also be apologizing for implementing such tactics, and explaining why it has to be so.
There's no other recourse open to me, not against someone without the talent to even write any posts themselves.
This is totally toxic for the platform, and is a pretty pathetic indictment of the person behind the account.
I will down vote continually, to the same amounts that I'm down voted.
(It'll take a while, but I've all the time in the world).

This balance on down voting will also shift over time, I think (maybe dramatically - but that is not for telling you all here, not now, anyways)...

With the continued up votes from the supporters of freedom and fun, - we'll all still be making money anyways! Irrelevant of needle dicks actions.
HE/THEY cannot control our own accounts. (outside of voting)..
They have zero control over them.

I'll also encourage the 'down vote recipients' to get in touch with 'wither', after illustrating just what kind person they're in bed with...(ewwwwww!!,what a horrible image I had there).
The innocent get caught in this crossfire,sadly - as is always the way, it seems...

Please don't follow my down voting strategy.
(if you happen to feel so inclined as to defend your property from thieves - which is completely understandable).
...Not yet, anyways.

I hope to see the fighters of anti-authoritarianism get behind me on this as time goes on. (Not now, FFS! - trust me on this).
Enough is enough.
Standing up and being counted, is merely a reflection of inner integrity and principles.

It's the difference between the commie retards and those that can think for themselves.

IMAG0034  Copy  Copy 2.JPG

Saul Alinsky would be proud of me!

...he's far, far superior to me, and better than I will ever be - in manipulating. Taking advantage if his talents, seems to make a lot of common sense in this scenario...

Ridicule: Alinsky’s Political Weapon

Rule Five: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.


had to sign in JUST to reblog this one

lolol -cool!

... pieces of shit commies hate success...

Au contraire! As a piece of shit commie allow me to assure you that we think success a wonderful thing. The success of how the standard of living was raised in communist China in 70 years fills me with joy. The same can be said about the Soviet Union. Beating capitalist nations to space as well as Berlin while kicking Nazi butt.

Anyway, thought you could use the following gif. It was dropped on one of my particularly whining comments about the Hive fork by @berniesanders. As that account has gone into retirement he hopefully won't mind.

Or as Bernie might say in his best Crocodile Dundee voice, "You call that a flag war? I'll show you a flag war!" 🤓


Au contraire! As a piece of shit commie allow me to assure you that we think success a wonderful thing. The success of how the standard of living was raised in communist China in 70 years fills me with joy.

70 million dead chinese would probably disagree with you, but hey, what are a few million deaths compared to a low IQ ideology?

You support the needle dick ? ( or you are the account?)

You have to remebr - I'm not bothered about y downvotes on this - I'm ceratinly not here for rewards - but taking money of other people due to my posts is so wrong.
(my model is not using upvotes to reward but profits from trading).

Flag wars never interested me much. Used to think of them as pissing contests. Once we got some free flagging in version 20.x(?) then they were used by me a bit, but consider me neutral on this one with Needle Dick. 😎

I have no interest in flagging wars either.(i never flag)
I do have an interest in stopping theft of others peoples money.

But i'm not a communist, so it goes with the territory. (commies just looove theft)lol

...commies just looove theft...

One only needs to looks at the corporate bail outs presently underway in the US to see how ridiculous your ideology makes you sound.

 4 years ago (edited)

corporate bailouts/central banks/ bureaucracies have nothing to do with free markets or capitalism. (not understanding the difference only makes you sound ridiculous)

Can you show me a communist regime that -doesn't_ approve of theft? (the taking by force of other peoples property)
ergo, and by logical extension - communist approve of theft.
..therefore by your own definition of being a communist - you then also approve of force to take other people's property.

Life is simple, when you get the fundamentals.

So my guess is you don't pay taxes in your libertarian La La Land? It is very amusing to listen to libertarians trying to point out how the Empire is not really capitalist. The best one to date had to be watching @lukestokes squirming about how v.22.2 was not theft. It may be too close to home for you to get the humour in it.

...70 million dead chinese...

That 70 million figure is largely acknowledged to be greatly exaggerated. But to make an omelet you've got to break some eggs.

There were 700,000-ish deaths from the US Civil War in a population of 31 million at the time. Those are documented figures. That was about 2.2% of the population. China's population was approximately 541.7 million in 1949. So even at your wild projection 70 million that would be 12% of the population. Man was a lot better at killing in 1949 than in the previous century.

Ragardless of the true numbers we can only hope that those that died were capitalist lackeys by and large. 😎👍

...But to make an omelet you've got to break some eggs.

So you see tens of millions of people dying, as 'breaking a few eggs'
Nice outlook on the value of human life you have there, buddy.

An ideology of oppression and authoritarianism holds more value to you than human life.

How about the 60 million Soviets who died defeating the Nazis? Were those deaths justified? The 700,000 that died defeating the slave owning south? How do you put a human life cost on justice? Or do you condemn them all and think that the Nazis should have been left to do their thing. You have very selective math it seems.

These are not arguments supporting the validity of forced theft - communism.

The way of the leftist discussion.... try to get off the subject as fast as possible, as logic demands an acceptance that their own logic requires admitting to the approval of applying force and control over other people.

It says far more about the head space of the individual who is arguing for authoritarianism, than the argument itself.
The communist dogma has no basis in logic.(with the proviso of very small communities working together - for they work brilliantly)

It cannot scale up without bureaucracy, and with the bureaucratic layers, comes corruption, nepotism, and inefficiencies.

Reality is a bugger for the left.

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