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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the last week of Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 9!


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We are all familiar with the saying that “Men Are from Mars, and Women Are from Venus. Well is this true?

No, it is not true. We are all humans, from the same species, and we are all from the same planet, Earth.
There is however a clear difference between men and women although their DNA is 98.5 percent identical.

For the last week of Season 9 we want to know by you if you think the one sex is better than the other. Over the years this had proven to be a timeless form of humor so why not put a bit of humor in the last week of Season 9.


You can use the following questions as your guideline by giving us your answer and explain why you say so.

Who have more fun, men or women?
Who is the better cook, men or women?
Who is the best at competitions, men of women?
Who is the better leader, men or women?
Who fall in love first, men or women?


  • Entries to this contest are open to ALL Steemians
  • Post in Steem For Ladies Community
  • Make sure that you follow club status (Club50/50, Club75, or Club100)
  • The title must be: Steemit Engagement Challenge, S9W6: "Men Vs Women"
  • Write a post of at least 350 words in any language
  • Plagiarism, AGI content, and voting bots are prohibited!
  • Only your own or free copyright images (source mentioned)
  • Posts must be exclusive therefore use the #steemexclusive tags among the tags #steemladies-s9w6 #yourcountry #clubstatus
  • Leave the link to your entry post in the comment section of this post
  • Vote and resteem this post
  • Lastly, invite three of your friends to join the contest @m-fdo @asiahaiss @wilmer1988

As this is an engagement challenge posts should get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments from other users to qualify as an entry at the end of the week. We encourage you to vote and give quality comments (50+ words) on posts from fellow Steemians. By doing this you will also receive some back.


The community will select 3 winners each week that will receive STEEM.

  • 1st prize – 5 STEEM
  • 2nd prize – 3 STEEM
  • 3rd prize – 2 STEEM
  • SC01 will randomly select and vote on good posts across the 7 communities throughout the week. All the weekly winners (selected across the platform), will receive extra prize votes.

Participating time is from 00:00 (UTC) on Monday to 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday 28th May 2023.

We will evaluate;

Club Status#club100/75/5050
Steem Exclusive✅ or ❌
Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌
BOT Free✅ or ❌
Voting CSI0.00 ( 0.00 % self, 0 upvotes, 0 accounts)
Score (quality/rules)0,0/10
Verification date:2023-05-00
#Burnsteem25✅ or ❌

1. Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application
2. Plagiarism Checker:
3. AI Content Detector: Corrector App, OpenAI/, CopyLeaks

The entire Steem For Ladies Team is responsible for holding this Contest.

@liasteem Admin
@patjewell Admin (Organizer)
@ruthjoe MOD
@solperez MOD
@mayberling MOD
@pandora2010 MOD

Best of luck!
See you in next time!


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Aquí mi participación.👇🏻

Muchas Bendiciones...🙏🏻

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