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RE: It is Women's Day

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Hi dear, after a long I am reading your writting and I know I am definitely gonna love this.
I am from Bangladesh and I can relate every word you write. As I am good at Urdu too so I make out the depth of this song too.
I too was born in a male-dominated society and living with them. In our society, women were treated as machines who have no desires, no dreams, and no rights.(Now this concept has changed a bit)

Let's promote women's education.
Let's encourage women in our lives to pursue higher education.

Let's teach our boys to respect and protect all women.

I would like to share an interesting example, a teacher asked his students in class to punctuate a sentence that was
"A woman without her man is nothing"

Maximum boys wrote in the answer: A woman, without her man, is nothing.
Only a few of them wrote
A woman, without her, man is nothing.
This is the condition of a male-dominated society. We should teach our boys to respect all women only then women can be able to protect themself. Happy Women's Day to all.
Believe me, we are women, we can do anything if we want to.


I appreciate you for checking up on me.

Love to know that you understand Urdu and could perceive the depth of the song. Although, your apprehension comes more from your experience with living in a male-dominant society.

This contest reminded me of this song and I played it throughout the time I was writing this post.

I like the example. Even I'd have punctuated it like most boys. Because my brain was wired that way and it's hard to entirely breakfree from these norms.

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