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You have said it all dear friend, women are also humans and they deserve every good things that men folk deserves. Right to education amd ither basic things of life.

I am glad to read about the rights of women in Muslim. I thought it was the opposite. Imagine allowing women to retain her maiden name even after marriage! Its a new thing that i habe learn today. Thank you for the invite. I will make efforts to join the conyest. Success in yoir entry

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Yes, it's all about basic human rights. The term "feminism" has become so controversial nowadays. Campaigns like, "My body, my choice" and "Warm your own food" have lost their true purposes and promoting entirely something else.

"My body, my choice" doesn't mean women (even men) should be free to wear anything when they go out. Instead, it's about marital rape, bearing babies... it's about having basic choices in these sensitive and sometimes life-threatening matters. But we ignore to raise these more important issues over the desire to go out naked as animals as shown in every other Netflix show.

The same goes with "Warm your own food". It meant, that men should lend a hand at home, especially for their tasks, and not rely on wives for every basic thing. But it never meant that women should become completely oblivious to them. Living together only works, when efforts are made from both sides.

I won't go into how wrongly Islam is portayed to the world. I'd just sum it up with: Islam makes things easier. It is us, who have created difficulties for us.

I wanted to say a lot more but the post already crossed the limit so I'm venting out in the comments now. 😆

I look forward to your entry.

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