“Steemit Engagement Challenge, S9w2: Honey! Pack Your Bags Right Now!”

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Hey friends! It is my first contest entry in this community. Well, thanks to @patjewel for verifying me to be a member of this community.


I have understood that the contest is about packing things to go somewhere. Let me share my entry to all of you.

Do you like unexpected surprises like this? Yes or no tell us why.

I am a type of person who wants surprises, the positive and exciting surprises. There are some surprises that is negative such as shocking news or unexpected bad happenings, these I don't like. For me, surprises are unexpected, so I am likely unprepared for what will happen.

Five items on the list

Actually I don't have emergency baggage and don't have much stuff. I am a simple woman with less things needed. Below are some of the things I usually bring during outing;

image link

1. Clothes- The first thing in my mind is what clothes should I prepare. The next question is, where will we go? The clothes I will prepare will depend on the place where we'll go. Of course it includes my under wear garments.

2. Personal hygiene things-This I can't start a day without toothbrushing. Toothbrush with toothpaste is always present. Soap and shampoo will never be forgotten. Of course a deodorant, the powder deodorant. Also this includes face powder and lipstick.

image link

3. Bath towel-one of the things should not be left especially for longer outing

4. Wallet- Everywhere I go, I need to have my wallet. It feels different if you have your own money.

5. Optional things- I seldom bring skin care products such as sunblock cream and moisturizer. These are last on my lists, if not forgotten.

5 other people to pack their bags with me

When going out of town or long trip, I prefer going out with family. Most of my experiences were with @georgie84 @sweetspicy @jufranketchup @jesmilingirlover @lealtafaith with the whole family. Also of going out with colleagues, I want @sweetmaui08 to be present. Of course, with my husband @jaofran and my daughter, too.
I want to be comfortable with the people with me during trip so that it will be enjoyable and fun. With these people, it will be all worth it.

Lastly, if your partner won the lottery what would you like to do, pack your bags, or stay at home? Tell us in detail what you would like to do.

I am dreaming to win in a lottery but never played on it. But if in the future it will happen, I would rather stay at home and plan for the money that we won. I am a woman-house, like or prefer to stay at home than going out, same attitude with my husband. Both of us are lazy in packing things up and go somewhere. It is better for us to enjoy and stay at home.


If we have the luxury of money, we both want a business to help other friends and colleagues earn for a living. Packing things up for somewhere is the second option. It is also a good idea to go out for a refreshment with the whole family.

This has been my entry. I am inviting @georgie84 @bisayakalog @kyrie1234 to join the contest.



 last year 

You have written a beautiful post, and although you would love to have a nice time with your family, helping others is paramount, which is a beautiful thing to do. Thanks for sharing this, I hope to see more of your writing.



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