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Hi my loving girls,,, 💐


No matter how many problems there are in life, mother is the only person who has answers to all of them... 💖

Mother is the only person who gives priceless love and blessings no matter how powerful something, mantra, Seth Shanti, Seth poem is in the world... 💖

Even though there are many high positions in the world, the person who has only one honorable name is "Mother"... 💖

For any disease of the mind or the body, even if you drink medicine pills, it will not be cured, but mother is the only person who can cure all of them... 💖

There is no age limit to feel that I need my mother in any difficult time, in any distance, in any place, in any problem, for any sorrow or happiness... 💖

Looking at all this, mother is not a name, mother is an endless love that never ends, rich in love... 💖

So today is my mother's 59th birthday. When I woke up in the morning, I wished my mother. Happy level up day my mother... I love you so much...😊🥰😚

That's how the day started.

Mom had made a dish that we love today. That egg hopper.


Later, mother and brother had breakfast and got ready for the afternoon party. Mom's relatives and friends are coming today, so we prepared lunch.

I was very busy till evening. Because they had to welcome visitors and entertain them. Now it's time to cut the cake. We had placed an order for a friend to make my mother's birthday cake in advance. She had done it beautifully.


Mom will not know until we have everything ready to cut the cake. So he was a surprise. Mother was very happy. All we wanted was his smile. So my brother and I are very happy.


Mom got a lot of presents.

  • A bag
  • Water bottle
  • Clothes
  • Umbrella
  • Soap
  • Body lotion...etc.
    We saw her looking at them with great interest. Later, everyone left happy after singing songs with everyone in the evening. In that way, the afternoon and evening passed with love and happiness. We were all filled with joy.


No matter what we do, we have to go to the temple on every birthday to calm our mother's heart. After cleaning the things that had grown in the house, we put on wash and got ready. So the three of us went to the temple at night. He told the monks of the temple and offered a Bodhi Puja and wished Amma a long life. Wished for health. Like her, our mind was very calm.


Today is a very happy day for me. A special day. Beautiful day. It is not good for us to avoid such days that come in life. Because in our uncertain life, it is more important to spend today happily than to think about tomorrow. We want to keep our parents happy every moment we can...

I thank all the loving ladies who enjoy my day. I cordially invite my dear friends to share your beautiful day with steemit friends. @sindi16 @rishka-amanda @lenabotini

💛Thank you for reading my post💛


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Thank you so much😊

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Hi @dhanux94,

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This post beautifully shows how much you love your mother. I wish she could see this to understand just how much she means to you. She's truly lucky to have children like you.

I wish your mom a very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for participating…..

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Thank you soo much dear🥰

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