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Hello my loving ladies,,,

There are 365 days in a year. So among these days we have special days. Today is such a special day for me. Today I am going to tell you about how that beautiful day passed.

Today is my boyfriend's birthday. So I woke up at 5 am because I wanted to wish him. Then I thanked the universe and drank a glass of water. I washed and worshiped the Buddha. My special purpose was to make a wish for my boyfriend. Took a video call to him. I was planning how to surprise him the day before.


As soon as I took the call, he answered. He usually sleeps well at that time, but today he woke up, I thought he knew in advance that he would call me to make a wish🙃. I wanted to wish differently today than everyone wishes verbally every day. The day before, I had put small cartoon pictures and written my dear wishes beautifully on the papers. They were placed one on top of the other and arranged in order.


Since he is in another country, I can't celebrate his birthday with him, so I brought a small cup cake. After that, while he was on the call, I wished him and lit the candles on the cake and we cut the cake and celebrated his birthday. He is very happy. I am also very happy.



Then I made my weight gain drink for breakfast and got ready to go home. Today is my day off. I was able to go to the bus that was in the morning. For my boy's birthday, I was thinking of giving some gifts for the poor children. My brother also supported me in that work. Thanks to him it was easy for me to do it.


Then came home very happy. I had placed an order a week ago to come and celebrate his birthday again. Called that sister and confirmed if the order has been delivered.

By evening, he had received the cake and the most beautiful bouquet of red roses. It's really beautiful. My brother had sent me photos. Below are the photos he sent me.



He is really happy. He says that this is the first time he was so happy on his birthday. So I really just wanted to see him so happy. I think love is a sacrifice we make without expecting anything for the happiness of the other. Today I got the results of being devoted to him. He slept very happy today. I am in this moment with happiness that cannot be described in words.

So my dear lady friends, I am more than happy if you enjoyed my day today. Thank you very much everyone.😊❤️

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Thank you so much😊

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Love is sweet when you find the right love. I could sense your joy and helpless love for your boyfriend. I wish him a happy b-day. Your beautiful gifts to him are so lovely and sweet. You sure know how to make a man fall off his feets 😂. I wish you all the best!

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Thank you so much your comment and advice😊
I really forgot put the club status. I fixed it

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