May this be the beginning of new things of your life...!!! 🪷🪷🪷

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Hello My Beautiful Girls,,,

Have a nice day! Have a new month!

The most beautiful place in my village that cleanses the mind

Have you heard about AURA? I will share it with you today.

Aura is like a ring of light that surrounds our body but is invisible to the naked eye.

Man is also an animal. Then everything in this universe will not be caught by our abilities. We only hear a certain number of hertz. It looks like that. But there are many things that cannot be seen by the eye and cannot be heard by our hearing range. That's what this Aura means.

When the mind is spiritually advanced, the aura becomes so strong that it can be seen by another person. But this aura is not the same for everyone. A person's thoughts influence the strength of the aura the most. Therefore, one should be very careful about the inner thoughts.. If they are positive, the aura will be strengthened. Negative thoughts weaken the aura.

A strong Aura is like a laser system protecting you. Reduces the effects of bad things on you. Their powers are broken. No one can take things away from you.

So try to strengthen the aura. Unimaginable change will happen in your life. Good things attract you. People love you. Wherever you go, you will be lifted up. It's like magic. By strengthening the aura, your vibration (potential) level is also affected.

A person's aura has an effect on him as well as on the people around him. There are some people, aren't there, when there is a problem in their mind, it is a relief to see that person. And there are other people, no matter how beautiful they look on the outside, even if they get close, they feel like they are on fire. Even if you speak a word, you get a headache.

The reason for that is their aura. Depending on the nature of the aura, its effects can also be felt by the surrounding people. That's why I say to stay away from toxic and negative people around you. I firmly believe that this is a power system. I feel positive energy is strong in this aura.

To strengthen the Aura,

✨Have good thoughts.

✨Practice meditation techniques.

✨Love instead of hate.

✨Help others.

✨Appreciate the good things of good people.

✨Don't keep hypocrisy and jealousy in your heart.

✨Don't hurt people's hearts by asking them to cover up old grudges.

✨Don't compare yourself with others.

✨Be careful of companions.

✨Work hard without false competition with others.

✨Don't suffer mentally.

✨It's not for the world to see, but really smile and be happy in your heart.

✨Instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, live beautifully and cleanly in the moment.

✨Love your life.

You can strengthen the aura yourself. So I suggest that you don't believe in myths and try to strengthen the aura. Then they can get what they want by themselves. Aura is their best protection.

All wonders, miracles, powers are hidden within you. So in this new month see the world beautifully with new thoughts. I hope you are smiling and happy throughout this month.


Thank you very much for reading my post😍

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Thank you for participating…..
Aura! This is my first time to hear of aura. I guess you have taught us the use and how aura works. I look forward to reading more entries from you.

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Thank you so much😊

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Have a look. You used the wrong tag. This is not a diary contest. It fits under the following contest.

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I really mistake 🥺

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