Steemit Engagement Challenge,S9W3: What is a Woman?

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What is a Woman?

I could ask the same question to myself because being a woman myself it's very complex to define us. But what makes me a woman is my ability to handle hardships and struggles. A woman is someone who knows her capabilities and fights for what she deserves.


For me a woman is a face of a mother who loves unconditionally, she never waits for anything in return of all her sacrifices. She gives without waiting for anything in return.

Do you think that woman are born only to be a housewife?

Back when I was young this was a responsibility a woman has to carry. If you're a woman you don't really need to go to school because you are to prepare yourself to be a wife and serve your family and husband. If you are born a woman you have to grow knowing the proper way to treat a husband. I even remember young girls trained by their parents to do all the house chores and nothing else.

But as time goes by that prejudice has changed, a lot of our woman in history proved everybody that woman can do anything and sometime even do things way better than men do.

So for me with the diversity of woman's ability we can do both ways, either way be a career woman or be a housewife there is nothing wrong with it. With whatever she chooses as long as she is happy and contented that is success. But never let your gender define you.

What is the role of a woman in your society?


I am a teacher, and my role in our society is to mold lives. To teach our young generation that being a woman is not a weakness. That a woman must put her head high and dream high. That a woman must not just stay in her comfort zone or do what the society dictates her but do what she is capable of. There are still some traditional people here in the Philippines, that they don't need to educate their children because they will just end up married. Well I don't blame them for doing so, Poverty makes our decisions clouded. But I make sure as an educator to influence my students to not just see themselves married after graduation. But be someone and be proud of being a woman because she has done something.

Who are the most important woman in your life?

I'd say of course without any doubt my mom. She never gave up on us. Despite all the hardships she faced when my father abandoned us she was our strength. She was emotionally hurt and weak but she never showed us that, she faught for our survival. She was under a lot of debts, threats and misfortunes but she stood still for her kids. She makes me see myself as a mother who will do anything for my family, for my kids. She ain't perfect but she is a real woman. A woman of strength and compassion.

Being a woman around the world is sometimes a disadvantage. We may get lesser opportunities specially at work or even promotions. If your in a field full of men you have to prove you are tough and strong. You can't be weak and vulnerable. But ladies always remember you are already perfect the way you are, you don't need to prove everyday that you are better because you are unique. We are strong and we can handle anything. Stop pressuring yourself!

I invite my friends to join this lovely contest @jess88, @traderpaw and @georgie84

I would like to show gratitude to the entire Steem For Ladies Team is responsible for holding this Contest.
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Hello bisaya.
Your mothers are the best example of struggle, perseverance, discipline, love and many more things, that is why I dare say long live women.

I invite you to justify your publication so that the paragraphs look organized and more beautiful.

Good luck in the challenge 🤞🏻
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

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Thank you


For me a woman is a face of a mother who loves unconditionally, she never waits for anything in return of all her sacrifices. She gives without waiting for anything in return.

Yes this is the part thing in a women. She loves you unconditionally and also her and your children but never asks for anything in return. What else can we demand from her.

Women's role is not just to be housewives or to give birth and feed your kids and make breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. They have multiple roles and in today's era, women are taking equal rights and opportunities that were only for men in the past.

I believe in the future more women will gain positions than men in every field.

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This is 💯 true.. Thank you

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Excelente participación. En efecto, las docentes podemos trans-formar la vida de las mujeres, y hacerlas sentir seres valiosos y poderosas para asumir cualquier compromiso en la sociedad.

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I often think women don't realize how strong they are. We often surprise ourselves.
It is true what you are saying, these days women cannot afford to be weak.
Thank you for entering this week's contest and for putting so much value on "what is a women"


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Women are people who can contribute anywhere in the world. Women succeed in families, in business, and women also make great progress in education. So we all need to give women the respect they deserve. So that your message is conveyed very well. You mentioned a lot about women. good luck

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Hello my dear friend

It's nice that you recognize the role of women in your country's society. Your sister is a very strong woman in taking care of her younger brothers she had a great responsibility. She and your fiancée are both beautiful and wonderful women.

I wish best of luck

Best regard @jannatmou

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