Steemit Engagement challenge, S9W2: Honey! Pack Your Bags Right Now

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Do you have things you've ever hoped to do or have done if you just have the money?


When I saw this contest I was thrilled to be a part of it. I love to travel and my family enjoys family bonding going somewhere. But whenever we travel we always go home a bit bothered because of the expenses. But still grateful for the memories we get to keep from going on a vacation.

Unexpected surprises!

Surprises makes our heart pound, it creates that feeling where we are uneasy and some kind nervous. For me I love good surprises, the kind of surprise that will make me happy. It should be a surprise that bears good news. I like surprises for it makes me feel special. In such way someone prepared something to make me happy. I feel appreciated and loved whenever I get surprises.

5 Items I will Bring

To be honest if I had to bring something in this kind of situation it would be very difficult to decide, you see if we would go abroad I would rather bring less so I can buy more. So probably I will just bring the essentials, it would be my cellphone, charger, underwear, wallet and ID's. I wouldn't bring other stuff because as I have said I can buy them when I arrive. In that way I can travel light but go home with a lot of stuff.


5 People to go with

I wouldn't ask for anyone else but my mom, my two kids and my husband. It's actually difficult to have other than them because right now in my life they are very important. One reason I would bring my mom because in my 35 years of existence I haven't really brought her abroad. I don't have enough money for that. Though we have travelled a lot I would also wanna experience to let her visit a place than the Philippines. Another thing is my mom is old and hasn't experienced travelling abroad that is why I wanted to let her experience that.

Winning the lottery

It's an idea I always think of, winning the lottery would be amazing. I wouldn't stay at home having so much money. Of course that would be the first thing we will do, travel. I will go to all the places I haven't been, buy all the things I haven't tried or eaten. I'd say we only live once not to experience that. But maybe in reality, I wouldn't really spent everything just for travelling. I would separate my money according to our needs.

Easy can disappear easily too, so if I would have this chance then I will use it to make myself happy and productive. But that is just how I imagine but when you are at the situation money can make people greedy and forget what is important.

I invite @traderpaw and @georgie84 to share her entry too..


It should be a surprise that bears good news. I like surprises for it makes me feel special.

That's the right way to approach this question as surprises can be in the form of bad news too. So you rightly pointed it out .

be my cellphone, charger, underwear, wallet and ID's.

These are actually the things of higher priority among along with other items like first aid box , hygiene kit etc .

It's an idea I always think of, winning the

Every does think that but only lucky people win that . Hahaha

Good luck

 last year 

thank you so much


Who knows, winning a lottery becomes a reality as long as we buy tickets 😄

 last year 

yes, without the tickets we'll still be dreaming of winning..whahhah

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