A call for help from a struggling, small, family business.

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Please excuse this blog if it comes across as a "shameless self-plug" for my sister's childrens clothes shop... But that is exactly what it it. You see, the covid-19 pandemic has hit her business incredibly hard, so if I can do anything to help increase her chances of surviving these crazy times, then as a big brother I feel its my duty.

My sister has worked incredibly hard, these past 4yrs, to build her business up from nothing but a distant pipe-dream to fully functioning, successful reality. As a single mum, to the most amazing daughter, the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine was never going to work for her to give my niece the time and attention she deserved. That's not to say my sister isn't the hardest worker I know of, it just means she's physically in her shop Monday to Friday when my niece is in school, then works late into the night (at home) when she's in bed. She works Saturdays and Sundays too, and my niece loves being in the shop as much as my sister does.


So when the government shut down her retail shop, and don't look to be lifting restrictions (here in WALES) any time soon, the landlord still wanting 100% of the rent, and her suppliers still expecting her to accept thousands of pounds of clothes with no where to store them, you can start to understand the pressure, stress and hardship she's currently under....

I know that a lot of people find themselves in this situation lately, but I'm not your big brother, and as much as I wish you good luck, I'm concentrating my "shameless plug" towards my sister.

Link to her Facebook page

Now you're asking what do I need from you??

Well to expect total strangers to help my sister out in the current economic climate would be a lot to ask, so maybe you could all start by just dropping by her Facebook page and saying hello, giving her a thumbs up and sharing with your friends.

Maybe some of you are new parents and can't make it to shops to buy new clothes, so this blog is perfect for you. You could be a grandparent that wants to buy something special for those grandkids you haven't been able to see for months.

Or maybe, you're just a kind samaritan, that can spare a few £$¥€. There are always "gift voucher" options you can buy now and spend later.

To try and help as best I can, I know not all of my readers live here in the UK, and although she does offer WORLD WIDE shipping, maybe a teeny tiny gift of cryptocurrency may be best. So I've set her up with a fresh wallet, and anything you can spare would really help her out at this time.


BTC address: 19QeQhprKusUmHADhBeM1pCY1bFfVhBwxb

In difficult times, its not always about the money... A simple comment can lift spirits. A like and a share, can mean so much more. So please, even if you don't drop an upvote or a comment on this post, go show my sister some love and let her know things will get better.



Good luck to your sister Welshie.

good luck with this. I voted for the post so that's something.

Thank you for the vote, it is gratefully appreciated. Have one back. Thank you

Don't want to sound like an asshole, but your sister seems to have an online shop and children still need new clothes, which I guess in the absence of open brick and mortar stores people are buying online.

Wouldn't it make more sense to advertise her online shop or figure out why people prefer other online stores to buy children's clothes than your sisters instead of begging for money here?

I know you didn't want to, but unfortunately you did.... Hahaha

Incase you missed the points in the blog:

Well to expect total strangers to help my sister out in the current economic climate would be a lot to ask, so maybe you could all start by just dropping by her Facebook page and saying hello, giving her a thumbs up and sharing with your friends.

So I am trying to divert more people to her online presence.... I bet you never knew she had an "online" shop till you read this blog? So I think this post is pretty successful. Since she is able to track traffic on her site, only time will tell if people read this and go visit.

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