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RE: WHEW!!! 😅 All December Payouts SENT! 😅

in SteemLeo6 months ago

Either the system is totally wacked (again) or you really messed up LOL
I had a similar thing, but kinda the opposite. I wanted to delegate a specific amount so it would be an even number, but all I was able to get thru was delegating ALL the available NeoxAG. I tried it 3-4 times 🤣
I'd say the system is Wack.


I just figured there was a hold, like on steemit when u undelegate.. But there was no option for me to delegate more, it was either undelegate to redelegate or just leave it.. I guess ill just have to wait and see wtf is going on..

You have plenty of Time, enrollment is OPEN for bonuses nearly all month. I say you in there so you already have "credit" umm-kay? 🤣

No Worries, Mate!


Cool, thanks bro.. I just checked again and it said the undelegation will finish in a few days, so it wont be to much longer.. But yeah, there seems to be a 5-6 day hold when you un-delegate, like on steemit.. Just a heads ups.

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