Watch Streams. Earn Crypto. Donate To Streamers

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What is is the next generation live streaming entertainment platform - based on blockchain - where viewers earn cryptocurrency, TFuel, just by watching streams.

How does work? 

It’s easy! Watch Streams. Earn TFuel. Use TFuel to donate back to your favorite streamers, redeem free subs, or score merchandise from the shop.

How is different than any other platform? 

1. Active users earn enough TFuel for up to 2 free subs per month. 

2. Streamers can grant items directly to any user in chat. 

3. The community. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube. Join the tight-knit THETA family where staffworks 24/7 with streamers and users to discuss new feature suggestions and offer priority support for any concerns or issues! 

How do you earn TFuel? 

As you watch streams,’s proprietary video network technology - the THETA Network - will automatically use a portion of your internet upload bandwidth to relay the stream to peers nearby and reward you with TFuel. Other streaming websites like Twitch & YouTube pay massive bills to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver every stream individually. With THETA's blockchain technology, that is no longer necessary! They simply check if you have some extra upload bandwidth, which most users hardly use in the first place, and reward you in cryptocurrency for relaying the stream as you watch.

What can you do with TFuel? 

You can use it as partial or full credit for a monthly subscription to your favorite streamers, donate to them, or spend it on gaming gear and streamer merchandise from the shop.

What else can you do on 

- Earn XP to your favorite streamer’s channel. - Open streamer crates. - Enter giveaways. - Redeem airdrops. - Play in community tournaments

Ready to get started with Create an account and claim your free bonus crate 

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