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It is said when you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Well, in my eyes, when I look around, all I can see is centralization. When I view things from this perspective, I can only come up with one word: slavery.

Humanity is under the digital thumbs of its overlords. This is something that most are aware of. It is a situation that needs to be addressed and the technology exists to do this. However, it is a long term struggle and the established players are pushing back.

Politicians never let a good crisis go to waste. The United States Senate is full of top-notch politicians who are always willing to leverage bad situations for gain.

Yesterday, it was announced that Senators Graham and Blumenthal put forth the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies (“EARN IT”) Act. Why worry about the coronavirus when there is the opportunity to expand the reach of government?

On the surface, the bill is suppose to target child abuse. Of course, with government nothing is as it appears. Basically, this bill is designed to expand the government's ability to monitor people's communications. In other words, it would force companies to "qualify" to be able to encrypt data.

Naturally, to believe this is about protecting individuals is plain foolish.

“Facebook is talking about end-to-end encryption which means they go blind,” Sen Graham said, later adding, “We’re not going to go blind and let this abuse go forward in the name of any other freedom.”

At this point, is it any surprise that a sitting United States Senator speaks out against freedom? Certainly, we cannot allow anyone to have freedom when abuse might take place.

In the meantime, Graham raises the prospect that the federal government will get what it has long wanted — greatly expanded power to surveil our communications — by burying it in a complex piece of legislation that is nominally about reducing the spread of child abuse imagery. It’s a cynical move, and if the similar tactics employed in the FOSTA-SESTA debate were any indication, it might well be an effective one.

This is the mindset of politicians around the world. They believe it is their right to limit freedom and have the government involved in every aspect of people's lives. There is nothing off limits to any of them.

It is bad enough that Facebook and Google are monitoring all of our activities, now the government wants in the act to a greater degree.

Once again, this is something that we all need to stand against. Unfortunately, using the political process is a waste of time because they all believe the same thing. This is nothing more than a step to accumulate more power. It is time to start developing and utilizing the technology that is available to us.

Many people are starting to lay the foundation for a decentralized Internet. This is becoming even more important with the ability to make commerce native to the Internet protocols. It is what cryptocurrency did and the powerful overlords do not like that.

Governments are not going to go away any time soon. Thus, we are going to see them try to assert more power over the general population. Decentralization is one tactic that we can fight back with. Giving them limited points of access to shut things down is not in our best interest. Instead, we need to spread things out as much as possible.

At every layer, things need to be multiplied 50-fold. If there are 2 nodes, we need to see 50. A couple thousand cryptocurrencies is not enough, there has to be hundreds of thousands. Ultimately, we need to go so wide governments have no way of controlling all that is taking place.

Slowly but surely, we need to start opting out of the centralized systems. Moving out activities to the decentralized realm, where we can, is vital. Getting involved in cryptocurrency is a good starting point since it enables financial activities to operate outside of fiat. This would cause major damage if only 10% of the population did this.

Hopefully, we start to see more powerful tools coming out from developers. The battle is ongoing and the politicians and other government hacks are not going to give up. They will keep fighting for more control over your life until they have it all. It matters none if one is in China or the United States, both governments have the same view.

And neither are very good for humanity.

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By building better, stronger more secure systems spread far and wide, sounds excellent!

Yes governments are nervous alongside financial institutions they have been over charging, over taxing and pocketing too much for themselves, enslaving people, well all have the right to live.

@tipu curate

Decentralization is certainly a way to combat governments and large corporations (including the existing financial system). It is vital that we all keep pushing ahead and spreading things out.

Each of us has apart to play here @joanstewart. The numbers are on our side so it is only a matter of activating people who are not paying attention.

Each new convert is able to multiply our effectiveness.

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This can only be the fair system of governance. There's exploitation everywhere already...

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Facebook is probably right on board with this new surveillance. Even if they come out and say they are against it, you can bet that it is part of the ploy and they are surly with it. Maybe I am just a conspiracy theorist...

That's funny what you say about centralization and slavery. While I was reading my first thought was that my home is centralized around me. Education, nutrition, cleanliness, and even entertainment all revolve around me. Even when I try to decentralize and make different kids be in charge of different things, the role of supervision falls back on me.

Even when I am "in charge" I feel like a slave to it. Maybe we should get a group of moms who have figured out how not to do it all and get some pointers from them regarding decentralization.

As they get older it will be different. The oldest is for sure gonna be in charge of transportation, including making sure the car is well taken care of and gassed up. Another can be in charge of food, and everyone can be in charge of their own clothes. Maybe we can hire cleaning help and decentralize that that way...

Hmmm. Lots of food for thought here, probably in ways you didn't mean to make us (me ) think. That's why I bothered to comment, I thought it cool to let you know where my brain went by reading your words.

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please follow me, thank you : )

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