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Much of my writing centers around the idea of decentralization and how it is going to change the path of humanity. This is a trend that I see in many different areas which is only going to multiply the effects. Over the next decade, in addition to our digital world, we are going to see decentralization is areas such as food production and manufacturing.

Our experience on Steem tells us that it is a viable option when moving in that direction. While it is not something that happens overnight, it is a worthwhile goal and something that should be thought about when establishing projects.

Over the past 4 years, Steem did a decent job at decentralizing. Certainly, we were on the path towards that end when we got in with a centralized threat. This all stemmed from an unaddressed issue that was left hanging, putting the entire ecosystem at risk.

The future of Steem is uncertain. What has been decided is that a number of community members (developers) got together and are going to fork the Steem blockchain. In this arena, the fork is the ultimate defense against centralization.

What is going to result is a path towards further decentralization. A few of the issues we saw before are likely going to be addressed. One of the main one is obviously the governance issue. Ultimately, DPOS broke down because the structure that was established for the Witness voting was poor.


That said, I think we can see the biggest issue surrounding Steem was resolved. Steemit Inc was a tremendous bottleneck for the community and the growth of this ecosystem. Since Sun bought that entity, it will remain solely with Steem. Steemit Inc has nothing to do with Hive.

This is something that should get everyone excited. It is natural, due to our conditioning, to want to look to Big Brother (or Sister). Yet, this negates any of that. Hive is going to be a community driven blockchain with its success, or failure, dependent upon each individual who is involved.

In other words, we are going to see the next level in decentralized blockchain (ecosystem) evolution.

In the situation with Justin Sun, Steem garnered a lot of attention due to the "marketing" of individual community members. It was through the efforts of thousands of people taking to the social media "airwaves" and telling the crypto world what was happening that received the publicity. Of course, the crypto media sites picked up on this, furthering the cause.

This is something that we need to keep in mind. Going forward, we need that zeal applied to all that we do. Ultimately, it comes down to all of us to tell the world what we are doing.

Yesterday, @blocktrades made an announcement about what is being developed. There will be a followup announcement today or tomorrow laying out the details along with, hopefully, a road map.

Sometimes it is important to step back before going forward. Addressing issues that will be a hindrance down the line is vital. In my view, this is what I think is happening here. Over time, we will find the offering is stronger because of the roadblocks we encountered.

Ultimately, we could see rapid expansion due to the fact that a major hindrance was removed. With the collective minds, abilities, and efforts of the community, we could ascend the exponential growth curve. Already, we are seeing development take place that makes the blockchain less expensive to operate, benefiting everyone who is involved.

It is these types of actions that will keep us on the cutting edge of things. Being able to maneuver around a growing industry in a timely manner is vital. It was something that was previously lacking as all new ideas where filed away and not acted upon.

As we will see, it all will be on the shoulders of the community. And this is exactly where it should be.

Good times ahead.

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Seems like they could easily do a claimdrop like they did with PALnet and then have everyone just move over to all the same tooling that they are already familiar with.

Agreed that getting to vote for 30 witnesses is just too much! Maybe 5? 10?

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Yes, perhaps a claim airdrop is a good idea. But what about all those thousands of accounts which have been abandoned, with the users not voting or posting or commenting or helping with the #steemhostile takeover. We could give them a chance to come back, to claim their airdrop, perhaps give them 3 or 6 or even 12 months to claim. Perhaps reduce to 75% for claiming after 3 months, 50% after 6 months, 25% after 9 months, 0% after 12 months. Just an idea. Thoughts?

That's the point of a claimdrop, right? Unclaimed tokens go back into the pool.

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I think that would be best. I don't know how it usually works

Also, a new and better governance system imo should be a priority once we have forked. I am hoping Matrix-8 will be investigated and adopted.


I wonder how they will airdrop to the steems that are in exchanges. Will they airdrop to the Sun's alt-accounts?

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Please fasten your seat belts. We expect a little turbulence up ahead, but will have clear skies after that...

Im glad the community has decided not to lock down anyones assets and move forward, this new chain sounds like the best impartial solution respecting everyones opinion and desitions, from now on we all need the spread the word and let others know whats comming for steem

I enjoyed reading your post and I really like your logo.

I strongly agree that the issue of witness votes and exchange voting must be addressed, as well as financing development. We have seen a lot and learned a lot, I agree going forward fixing governance is vital and leaving as many of our troubles behind as possible.

This 👆

More uncertainty has been introduced since @blocktrades post yesterday (03.16.2020) making it a high priority that the Hive group does the fork quickly or at the very least provides more details as to operations and a timetable for the fork and the initial dapps that are making the move.

While I believe that the fork is inevitable you cannot let this linger. You must do a clean brake quickly and be up and running with the necessary basic operations almost immediately.

It also needs to be very clear if the steem-engine side chain is alsopart of the new hive group and which if not all SE based tokens are being ported over, if pegged steem is being moved or left with Steemit, etc.

As much uncertainty as possible needs to be removed by the new Hive group today.

Years from now we will be able to tell people that we were there. That we participated in one of the most important changes in internet history.

The Hive is coming to a neighborhood near you soon lookout and don’t get stung by the Bees 🐝

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Are you coming with us onto the new fork?

I feel cautiously optimistic about the new developments; JS has repeatedly shown that he is not to be trusted. But then, that seems to be part of a longer history of dealings he has had in the past, as well.

I just hope the fact that this is a bit of a "hurry up" move won't present itself as a nest of issues down the road.

Still, the idea of a fresh start is very appealing, particularly given that we can port our years of "sweat equity" to the new chain.

Love the positive semtiments around here for Hive, let's do it!

If we want Hive to be sucessfull than we need to make also the sign ups to be easy.
Also to find a solution that the new people should be not disapointed when they join the commmunity.

So apparently Steemit IS STEEM..

Agree with you that the time is now to take action to end the stalemate

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Lets hope Hive thrives !

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