250 LEO Bounty + Massive Upvotes | Vote For Witnesses/Proxy and EARN!

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Calling all Steemians.

There are many ways to get this done.

Yabapmatt has re-claimed the #1 spot over the Tron Sockpuppet witnesses.

Earn Upvotes From @steem.leo + @leo.voter + 250 LEO POWER bounty

Do one of the two below, then screenshot the proof and drop a comment below and you'll get upvotes from us + 250 LEO POWER as a bounty.

Vote for Witnesses

Vote for the top 20 witnesses that were removed by Tron previously.


Vote for Our Proxy


^ click that link to vote our proxy

You can also vote for our proxy. This is the easiest way to accomplish this task. It takes literally less than 1 minute to do this and by setting us as your proxy, your witness voting power will back @steem.leo's witness votes.

Set @steem.leo as your witness proxy.

If you need help with this, drop a comment down below or hop in the Steemleo discord and we'll show you exactly what to do!

How to Prevent the Steem Hardfork by Tron

In order to prevent the hardfork, we only need 4 out of the top 20 witnesses.

Right now, we have 2 out of the top 20 with @yabapmatt and @roelandp.

We're halfway there people.

Once we get the top 4, we can keep pushing for more control by getting more of the top 20. I'll continue to update this post as the situation develops.

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also voted :) +0.063M for each


I'll vote for the top 20 who didn't rage quit)


I have already did that! It's only a matter of time now to reclaim our Blockchain back!!

Not sure about this statement. https://steemd.com/@hkdev404 - Still movements ongoing ~2h ago

Will win in the end.

Continue the uphill battle.
Set @steem.leo as proxy.

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Done already

#солнцеликийпидорас этот хэштег для русского сообщества 😀

i have voted........


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Rough Justice voting but I can fine tune later.

I hope I didn't vote for a Tron Sock Puppet, please help point it out if I did.

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I'm just a tiny fish @steem.leo but I found a few disabled witnesses I'd voted for and reshuffled votes to the top 20 legitimate witnesses.

In other news, @good-karma is getting very, very close to becoming the 3rd of "our" witnesses to move back into the top 20!

Screen shot (from Steempeak):



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