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RE: My Thoughts on the Future of SPInvest - a running conversation

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Geat post, lots of great information in and good ideas.

Capping token sales would let us pay out regular dividends which could, in turn, drive sales. Plus how long do you think it'll take to issue another 100-250k token. Years and years. I am 100% behind you on off-platform investments. BTC, PM's and a few stocks to be the core 3 investments with smaller investments into other things. There are options to crowdfund property builds that pay out either a cut of the sale price are a slice of the rent. As for SM cards, they are one backed tokens and they are 1 of a handful of SE tokens that have increased in dollar value from release. Long term, they will serve us well.

Building club engagement will be the focus but it'll require work from club members. Dont mean taking roles, just mean being active. We'll see. There's not a lot of automate, to be honest. What were you thinking to automate? Token sales could be set up but it would require people to use a special memo are something but then people not using the memo results in a problem. I can write/edit code for simple things but not seen a reason to set anything up yet.

I've just released my 1st post from taking a break. Lots things are gonna change :)

Great post and thank you so much for taking the time to share your toughts.


Great to see you back!
Yes, of course - I hadn't thought about how dividends might increase sales - good point. I was worried about a small, closed circle of investors which I didn't feel comfortable about.
Automation - I was responding to @jk6276 comments about the routine work involved in administering the @spinvest-leo account and wondering whether there was a way to automate that. Just an idea, I wasn't suggesting that you do it :)
I can live with the SM cards ;)~

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