A Best Selling Author in the Steem/Hive Community Is Good For Exposure - I'm Almost There Need Your Support

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Hey all my steemians or are we hivians now? Whichever you choose exposure to the blockchain and the community is key as we continue to grow.

I'm happy to say I'm a veteran of these parts. I have been here posting since July 2016. Became a part of PAL/MSP at the beginning and am a curator with SteemLeo along with doing the Scaredy Cat Investor show.

My goal was to add value to the community and I do help I have done that and can do it some more with my latest project - my kindle book: ScaredyCatGuide to Knowing What the Heck Bitcoin Is.

Marketing Outside of Steem/Hive

Having a someone that is a Best Selling Author on steem/hive can help gain eyeballs of the "regular non crypto" folks. The mainstream book can be used as marketing to drive people to our community. The more interaction and exposure I have the more I can nudge people to our communities.....plus, it just sounds cool and I'd love to have the title.

Please help me get there. I'm not looking to make $$$ off this hence it being priced at Kindle's minimum: .99 cents.


The book is currently #2 in the category (and is the #1 new release) so let's get it to #1 best seller as well and get more exposure to the masses. It is a crypto newbie book and teaches all the basics in just 20 pages!

A perfect balance for people that don't want to read a bunch, but still have interest in crypto!

Let's do this my friends! I appreciate your support :-)

Scaredy Cat Guide Logo..jpg

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Just bought it and will read it soon!


@kenny-crane I appreciate that so much, thank you!


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