3/5/2020 Trading Futures Update - PMs-Down, S&P500-Down Big, Crypto-Mixed

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We take a look of the futures update on this Thursday morning. Markets are jerking up and down daily, there seems to be no mechanism to these changes. Up a thousand, down a thousand, typical of a top more than a sustained rally.

Precious metals are digesting their gains, this morning is down for now, but we saw on Tuesday, it too can rise 5% is minutes, depending on the news. USD flat at 97.27, headed to 88.

S&P and stawks took off yesterday, rising into the close, only to be slammed back the other side this morning. Fair value is big again, at 13.87, a big number to additional downside at the Wall Street open at 0930EST.

Crypto is mixed, BTC still below 9K. Steem at #78, up 2.4%, priced at $0.1899.

Keep stacking. Go get you some.

Italy cases going up 23% a day

The chart below is broken. 100K is around the corner over the next few days

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