Undoubtedly, the cryptographic world came to revolutionize the world financial market and to direct it towards a more honest and less corrupt economy. Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, there are already governments and businessmen who have seen a way to get a good slice of this pie. A notorious case is that of the Venezuelan government, which has launched its own crypto-currency. When I read this kind of article, I realize that some countries are still in diapers. For example, in Venezuela the value of cash equals gold. Everyone is looking for cash. The payment platforms are generally down and there is no card issue due to lack of plastic. If you don't have cash, you don't eat. In this country we are in the 20th century. Sad :(


I think this is great information. Your two Ripple posts have inspired me to write a post, which I invite you to read.

my post

I am also inviting you to post your articles about banking, finance and cryptocurrency in our Community Banking and Finance. We occasionally have articles on other topics too.
Thanks for the Ripple and XRP information, plus thanks for writing about a middle ground between centralized and decentralized systems.


my post

Great post on RipplE and XRP, it really made me think I need to rethink my very small position in XRP.

I think your article is great. I expect it to reach $ 10, but it is only a matter of time I am invested in xrp . What do you think, where do you see it coming, sir?

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