Everyone's A Winner: Level 3 LORD ARIANTHUS Delegation

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About two weeks ago I ran a contest in which offered a *two week delegation of a Level 3 Splinterlands LORD ARIANTHUS card .

The orginal contest can be found by clicking here.


While passing through the galaxy on his starship, the great and powerful Lord Arianthus noticed signs of life on a planet below. Apparently monsters of all sorts were battling one another in endless competition.

Lord Arianthus, enjoying battle and competition very much himself, decided to land on the little planet. He would show these puny monsters the meaning of defeat!

**Lore Taken From Official Splinterlands Site.

Surprisingly the contest itself only had four entries, @thranax, @wonderwop (who nominated @d00k13), @ityp and @cuko. With so little entries I decided to make everyone a winner.

I don't have four level 3 Lord Arianthus so the random number generator will decide who gets the Level 3 delegation. Someone else will get a level 2 delegated and the two others a level 1 Lord Arianthus delegated to them.

Winners Announcement

WinnerCard + Level
@thranaxLord Arianthus Level 3
@itypLord Arianthus Level 2
@d00k13Lord Arianthus Level 1
@cukoLord Arianthus Level 1

Congrats to the winners

Good luck in the current Splinterlands season. I hope the delegation helps you progress up the league and yous end up earning yourselves some sweet rewards. I will remove the delegation in about *two weeks time. Delegations will be applied in about *24 hours time.

What is Splinterlands ?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

Splinterlands Total Market Cap $3,558,217

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Contest is over, this is a winners announcement post.

I don't have any other leveled Lord arianthus but I can delegate you a level 1 if you need it?

Thank you so much! I'm in again! Upvoted! 💚

Yay thanks for it! <3

Hi @cuko, the Lord A. has now been delegated.

I will remove the delegation in about 2 weeks.

Could I ask a huge favor? Would you delegate the card i was supposed to have delegated to me to my friend @mawit07? He doesn't have one at all and would love for him to be able to use a level 2 in his own deck.

Sure thing @ityp, very nice of you to pass on your delegated LA to someone else.

It now has been delegated to @mawit07, I will remove the delegation in about 2 weeks time.


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