Will Tron will make me a Steem Orca?

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Steem was my gateway to crypto.  I started here just as the bull run was taking off.  I never cashed out for fiat, but I did use steem to buy other shitcoins.  An action I have regretted for a long time.  Like many noobs in the crypto market, I didn't cash out and watched all my shitcoin and the price of steem drop to next to nothing.  Dohhhh how stupid.  But wait.....

One of the shitcoins I purchased was Tron.  I know nothing about Tron.  In fact, the only blockchain and cryptocurrency I know are steem.  But guess what, I still have my Tron.  And nearly as much of it as I have steem, although considerably different holding values.

Only this week I was thinking I should sell all my shitcoins and buy steem.  after all, I used steem/sbd to buy them in the first place. The value of all my shitcoins is not much but I really wanted to be an Orca and that would help me get there. 

But now steemit inc has been sold to Tron and there is talk of Tron holders getting some new coin.  I ain't selling my Tron now.  I wonder will this make me a steem Orca.  Maybe I will reach my goals after all?  

I don't know how this is all going to pan out, no one does right now.  But I am staying positive.  From what I am reading here on steem, some people are happy, some are not.  But mostly there are unanswered questions.  And an air of uncertainty for DAPP owners and those trying to run a business with steem.

I guess tomorrow will be a big day for us steem holders.  I will for sure be tuning in to the announcements and chats.  I guess its time for me to find out a little about Tron.  what is their blockchain all about?????????

Do you hold Tron?  Do you think it will help you grow on steem? 


Lots of people don't like Tron just like they don't like Steem.

It's basically a smart contract platform, but gets most of it's volume on the dapps through gambling.

You can download Tronlink which is similar to keychain.

It will either help both platforms grow, or they'll try to split and the halfs I have a feeling will be lesser than the whole.

so if its a smart contract platform, I wonder will smts go ahead.

It just depends on what happens to the Steem blockchain.

All Justin bought was Steemit and presumably Steemit's Stake.

If development and testing continue on the Steem blockchain no reason to not assume we won't get SMTS.

steemit do all the dev work. they could all get sacked for all we know.

So potentially with the DAO we could "rehire" them.

that wont happen lol

the fact that someone saw some of kind of value is at least encouraging

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I can relate to this 100% @paulag

interesting times ahead

I'm behind on my Steem news, I'll have to see what this is all about! I have noticed the price of Steem and SBD have nicely risen, but is that a pump and dump? We shall see!

I'll be swapping out my SBD now that it's reached the "peg" of a dollar! Not a bad gamble for me, put in 100 Steem into SBD now I'm getting so far 137 Steem out of the deal.

"put in 100 Steem into SBD now I'm getting so far 137 Steem out of the deal."

I just seen SBD is at 1.05, cool

Love it I also cashed in my SBD will buy some more soon and then swing trade on the internal market now that we hit Peggy

Oh hi Plankton! :D

Very funny Asher, Im far from plankton and if I get a nice air drop, you will be just a little fishy. Interesting developments indeed.

But I got your vote, you can make fishes grow into bigger fishes :)

Things dont seem to go my way often so I wouldn't count on it. Keep buying steem and you will be grand :-)

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Sadly I have no Tron. Maybe Steem will be paying in Tron too in the future. One can hope.

your guess is as good as any. a tron smt and community???

I'm going to take a guess that whether Steemit Inc attempt to halt the Steem chain or not, current Steem holders will get new Tron-Steem tokens as an airdrop. So yeah, as long as the real Steem blockchain continues (might involve a hard fork), we can all end up with more Steem here by selling the airdrop.

rumors so far are tron holders will get the drop, not steem holders. Personally I think steem as a token will be safe and maybe there will be a tron smt that gets droped to tron holders. Time will tell.

I don't think it makes sense that Steem holders would not get an airdrop. In that case there is zero incentive for the community to migrate (to a place where they do not have any established stake).

I suspect the airdrop will be split somehow across both.

Be positive, but prepared for the worst.

I dont think we will have to prepare for the worst. But then I am a fool when it comes to crypto

I’ve got 1200 tron I bought ages ago and forgot to sell and some Tron on a another wallet from an airdrop they did back in the day! Still think it’s a shit coin his not buying with Tron gains his using free money his getting pumped in from VCs this is not how blockchain should be like and I don’t agree with his methods

Stinc had its issues but I’d take the devil I know over the one I don’t

"but I’d take the devil I know over the one I don’t"
agreed, although I dont know much about tron or justin. Im nearly an orca with tron as well as steem. I forgot I had so much of the shit.

I think I had a little tron and other coins at one stage by I moved them all to Steem, todays news makes for interesting times ahead

Interesting indeed. Im looking fowards to finding out more today

Ohh yeah so much speculation going on at the moment

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I am going to avoid posting my feelings on this until I have more information.
Lol and just yesterday we saying no selling hahaha. Depending on what happens, this could actually change my mind since my feelings of affection towards Tron are not as strong as they are towards Steem.

@paulag, I am with @abitcoinskeptic: not enough information. I thought I had heard something in the wind a while a go. Interesting times.

I dont blame ya, we dont have enough info so today will be interesting indeed

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"steemit inc has been sold to Tron", oh ok, i was wondering what the hell is going on ... ty for your honesty as always, and good luck

we might all need a bit of extra luck, although this could also turn out to be the luck we need

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