How To Diversify Your Crypto Earning? My Personal Torque Journey

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I’m here to share with you about my personal experience on how I create passive income through crypto investment. Throughout my journey with Steemit, then with HIVE and now perhaps Blurt, things have been volatile as always in the crypto world. Yet, we are all here for some reason. To me, I’m here because of the following:

  1. To diversify my personal asset portfolio (I would consider crypto as a valuable asset to hold)
  2. To explore how blockchain technology can be applied and become a user to really understand the user experience
  3. To find ways to create another stream of revenue like through content creation, curation of contents, participating in project developments and even offering service for the community in the ecosystem. Not to forget that we can even delegate/lease our own crypto to others and earn interest.
  4. To express our personal self like putting up our own original contents about our personal life, hobbies, current issues, professions and so on.

So far, I had the chance to meet and make new friends within the crypto circle and they are all more or less having the same curiosity to explore and an intention to earn extra through crypto. Hence, now is the key where we need to understand how things work and create a strategy for us to optimize our return.


My Personal Diversification Adventure

Back to my main topic where I can earn a relatively stable and decent revenue by investing in this platform. The benefits that I enjoyed so far are:

  1. A constant profit distributed to me daily with 0.15% average based on my investment amount (a month would be around 5%-6%; a year would be around 60%-70%)
  2. No technical knowledge required! So technically, anyone can join as long as you understand how the investment work.
  3. Transparency where I can trace the trade and access to the report of my returns (I like this as I do record my earning but not in a daily basis, this allows me to trace and refer)
  4. Good fluidity as in the withdrawal process is fast and easy. Within 24 hours, I can get my profit to withdraw and transfer into my personal wallet. Within 1-3 days, I can get my principal amount transferred as well.
  5. NO PENALTY for withdrawal! I can withdraw anytime, literally 24/7. No question asked.
  6. Low starting amount where an account will require either 1 ETH, 0.02 BTC, 5 LTC or 250 USDT to activate and start earning profit.
  7. Solid company performance and management team. The company had shown solid performance in their trade and had disclosed all the profiles of the team managing this business.
  8. I get to earn more through affiliate rewards by referring to people, that had to bring my profit to a whopping 12% per month.
  9. Concrete affiliate scheme where I do not get any referral fee by getting a new account set under me, but through proper profit sharing of trade. This had proven to me that the company is not covering holes by digging another hole.
  10. A win-win situation for the company and investors. The company helps you to trade and get a cut (approx 30%), individual get a cut (approx 30%) and marketer as in individual who helped in referring get a cut (approx 40%). No one is at a loss as all the profit-sharing is clear and have no conflict of interest.
  11. Strong security where any withdrawal will require two tiers security: email confirmation and 2FA authorization code.

My Doubts & Concerns VS My Risk Management

Well, after going through all these benefits, I am sure that there will still be a lot of questions like:

  1. Is it a scam as this seemed to be too good to be true scheme?
  2. I can perform better with my own trading own exchanges, why I need to invest in such a scheme?
  3. I am still at risk if the company suddenly does not deliver as promised, why should I take such risk?
  4. I am still afraid about the fluctuation value in the crypto market, why I should buy into the market?
  5. I am in Forex or stock market which I am more confident in, why I should be in the crypto market?

In my opinion, all of the above is really subjective to our own experience so far with cryptocurrency and also how deep we understand about crypto trading like arbitrage and scalping (which the platform is using). Frankly, I would admit that there will surely be risks to invest in all of these, nothing here is risk-free including our own Steem blockchain. I am sure that we are all here with our heart pounding hard every time there is a hard fork coming up or some crazy wars that happened before the acquisition. Well, here is my take on the risks that we all should acknowledge and willing to take before really invest into cryptocurrency:

  1. Understand that this is an extremely volatile market where the value of any coins listed can be fluctuating in a range of 50% above (of course, we have stable coins like USDT to mitigate the volatility).
  2. Get to know the team behind every exchange and also the trading company (in this case, Torque is a company with a solid management team with concrete experience in the finance world as well as cryptocurrency).
  3. Legit set up where it means we need to know whether the company had been listed in any official blacklist/warning list to be involved and whether the owner of the company is to the right legitimate person. (in this case, we had our due diligence done on a trip to visit their companies to check whether they are really doing the real trading works)
  4. Testing it with a minimal amount (which for Steem, HIVE, Torque, they are either free to start or require very minimal amount to start with). With that, I get to test the investment in the lowest risk possible.
  5. Withdrawal requirement is another key as if the investment is going to be locked for an indefinite time, then it loses the purpose of being a fluid asset. In this case, Steem, HIVE, Torque has very smooth and minimal withdrawal process plus no penalty in doing it on anytime.

My Take In The Automated Trading Bot Torque So Far


I would consider my journey in Torque as a smooth and fruitful one. I joined in 6 November 2019 which I can consider as an early adopter and I had been topping up the amount invested in it ever since February 2020 as I see they are delivering and I had tried on the withdrawal process as well. Besides that, the company also allows me to become a builder where I can earn more than 5%-6% per month with the affiliate reward system that they have. Currently, I am raking around 12% per month with my account principal reward as well as the affiliate reward. This is something beneficial to my portfolio as it speeds up the growth and allows me to diversify my portfolio further.

If you are keen to know more, feel free to drop me a comment here or reach me up through my Telegram.

Oh ya, just to add on something for you that starting in Torque is very simple.

With only three steps, you can already activate your account and ready to earn profit. The overall process is like this: 1st day, you deposit the crypto into your account; 2nd day, your account is activated and start trading; 3rd day, profit distributed into your account! It is that simple.

Another thing is about the minimal kickstart amount, which I mentioned is very minimal. Here are the 4 crypto that Torque used to trade. So just deposit either one of the amount and your account will be activated.

For your information, to open an account in Torque, you will need to have referral code as it is an invited only scheme. This ensures everyone gets to maximize their profit earning! So if you are interested, feel free to join with my link:

Start An Account

My Long Tail Game In Investment

Investment to me is a long term game. Personally, I start with nothing and started to work in freelance jobs to earn some savings and slowly accumulated a small amount to kickstart the journey of investment. Without me realizing, I had slowly accumulated a quite impressive amount in the timeline of 3 years, specifically in cryptocurrency's portfolio. Never did I think that I would have own crypto myself and become one of the believers too. Besides the investment in cryptocurrency, I am also learning about value investing in stock too. Therefore, it always exciting to venture into a more new portfolio and get my money to work for me.

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If you are keen to know more, feel free to drop me a comment here or reach me up through my Telegram.


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