The Hive Blockchain: A Steem Community Hard Fork With Superior DPoS - The LEO Show #24

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It’s official! The entire community has spent weeks debating and discussing the possibility of a hard fork. Now that we see a plan and roadmap in place and a hard launch date, the discussions are shifting from how to fork to how will the fork go.

There are still quite a few unknowns, but speaking in a broad sense — this is an amazing thing for the Steem community.

It allows the community to develop its own fork. To disconnect from the centralization of Justin Sun and Steemit, Inc. that has been weighing us down for the past 4 years.

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Over these past 4 years, developers and community members have taken this blockchain from a tiny little blogging interface and a database into being a flourishing community with hundreds of applications and developers that are all passionate about a shared mission — Web 3.0

Hive has the potential to be everything that we all have wanted Steem to be for so long. Without having to carry the weight of a failed company — Steemit, Inc. — Hive can move freely and under the leadership of the Steem community.

When Hive launches, it will be essentially and exact clone of Steem with just a few minor tweaks to ensure that the DPoS (delegated proof of stake) governance is more secure than before. Preventing Justin Sun, Steemit, Inc. and the exchanges from overtaking the governance of a new chain.

In This Episode:

  • Why Hive? Why Now?
  • What is Hive?
  • Who Is Behind Hive?
  • The Hive Team is More than 10x Bigger than The Steemit, Inc. Team
  • Will Exchanges Honor the Airdrop?
  • How to Receive Your Airdrop
  • How to Use Hive
  • Hive Launch Date: Friday, March 20th at 10 AM EST

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Posted via Steemleo


So Justin just moved STEEM to Binance.. obv to get free HIVE coins.. exactly how is this HF getting rid of him?

I saw those xfers. So far it's only a few million STEEM. So yeah, he'll get a few million HIVE (unless they find a way to mitigate that).

The key thing to remember is that he bought that few million STEEM since the hostile takeover. That's STEEM that he accumulated to aid himself in voting in witnesses.

The original Ninja Mined Steemit, Inc. stake is 100% powered up which means that it won't be honored in the airdrop. So basically, any STEEM that Justin sends to an exchange to earn HIVE will be STEEM that he had to spend money on to buy off the market.

Another key point: 30 day delay for witness voting/SPS voting on the Hive chain. So Justin won't be able to impact Hive voting unless he powers up and waits. Then he'll also be locked in to hodling HIVE.

In essence -- Justin will never be able to gain power over the Hive blockchain. The 30 day delay mitigates his ability to use exchanges to attack the DPoS and the "deletion" of the 65M + Steemit Stake removes the vast majority of Justin's say in Steem governance. With the 65M on Steem, he's still struggling to vote in his puppet witnesses. Imagine how little his influence will be without that.

Posted via Steemleo

Still 3M HIVE is a lot of ammunition to give the enemy and that's only what he's moved so far.. more transactions may be coming..

True, it is a decent amount of ammo -- but again, the key point is that if he wants HIVE from the airdrop, he needs to pump the hell out of the STEEM price by purchasing it on the exchange. In the end, if the Steem community adopts HIVE and dumps STEEM, Justin will have lost a shit load of money and many Steemians will have had the opportunity to dump STEEM and buy more HIVE.

The most important part (to me) is that he isn't getting a free ride in the form of a ninja-mined stake. If he wants any sort of influence on HIVE, he's gotta pay up. No matter what, he'll never have the same amount of power on Hive that he currently has on Steem.

Posted via Steemleo

ehm, didn't he pay in the first place? what could stop him from buying a lot of hive and continue his fight? It seems like he has funds enough...

Isn't there a way to never have him on hive at all?

Posted via Steemleo

Anybody has any idea that what price Justin was asking for selling steemit inc+its stake?

Posted via Steemleo

Thanks for the post :)

I have around 500 account credits, will these transfer as well?

We will be moving ROTLF witness to HIVE but for now also keep on STEEM since some people still want to fight.

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