How Much Bitcoin Should I Own?

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Anthony Pompliano is a well-known Bitcoin investor. He invests in Bitcoin but he also invests in crypto-related startups through his firm Morgan Creek Digital (an example of a company he has invested in is BlockFi - a crypto financial services provider).

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He was recently on the Bill Bert podcast with Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer and was educating them on the nuances and values of the Bitcoin world. Bill and Bert are comedians and are far from “financial regulars”. Clearly, they have a solid foundation of finances and money, but they aren’t your typical finance types.

This is what made their conversation so fascinating and important. Pomp went through the fundamentals of what Bitcoin is and the questions that Bill and Bert had were the most foundational questions that you would expect from any average person on the street who has no exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Bill Burr: “How do I go from the current system to the new system without going from the frying pan into the fray?”

I thought this question was particularly great. One of the most common arguments to buying Bitcoin/opting-in to crypto is this idea that you’re just going from one monetary system to another. Why would we jump ship from something that everyone else is using (and has been using for hundreds of years) and opt for this new digital currency that is complex and berated in the media?

Pomp’s answer prompted the topic of this LeoPedia article and answers a core question to any Bitcoin newcomer:

How Much Bitcoin Should I Own?

Pomp: "The way I think about a portfolio is what percent confidence do you have in the new one [Bitcoin] versus the old one [legacy financial system]?"

“Most people are 99% old one. 1% in Bitcoin or 2%. Me, I’m younger and I’ve got a higher risk tolerance. I understand this stuff in a nuanced way, so I’m 50/50. I took 50% of my net worth and put it in the new system and bought Bitcoin.”

This answer is one of the best that I’ve heard when it comes to framing the idea of opting-in to Bitcoin. Whether you’re someone who already owns some crypto and has dabbled in the space or someone who has never even setup a wallet and tried to purchase Bitcoin, this is one of the best questions you could ask yourself:

What is your confidence level in the old system vs. the new system?

Bitcoin is the new system. It’s only 11 years old and it is not perfect. If you talk to people who are heavily invested (not just invested in terms of money, but in terms of time and brain space), then they’ll point out all the flaws of the legacy financial system and fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar and proclaim the benefits of being in Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin, we have a decentralized, peer-to-peer global currency that cannot be controlled by any central bank or government.

If you live in a place like Venezuela or Lebanon, you experience the woes of a corrupt central bank and a poorly managed currency system first-hand. That is why it’s so easy to convince people in those places to buy Bitcoin and opt-out of their legacy system. In fact, many of those people don’t need any convincing.. you tell them that there is a system of money that cannot be controlled by their central bank, cannot be stolen from them by their government, etc. and they are fully on board.

Their % confidence in Bitcoin is easily higher than their % confidence in their local currency.

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"How Much Bitcoin Should I Own?" With only 21 million Bitcoin being available, and a world population of about 7,800 million, I would start with .0026923 Bitcoin. Or, with the USA population at 328 million, a USA Citizen may want to start with .064 Bitcoin. This amount of Bitcoin would give the Citizen an equal average amount of Bitcoin. One whole Bitcoin would put you at 371 or 15+ times the average. Like they say, "when its gone its gone."