Hive — The Best of What Steem Had to Offer and the Embodiment of Decentralization | LEO Podcast Clip

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Hive was created out of the deep need for a more decentralized network that is run by the ex-Steem community. The community’s blockchain (known as Steem), was taken over by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation under malicious circumstances.

Following that takeover, Justin Sun began running censorship tactics on the Steem blockchain. Now that the Hive blockchain exists, there is no reason to stay on Steem.

The whole community has picked up and moved to its own blockchain — Hive.

Hive has the best of what Steem had to offer with even more benefits for community-empowerment and the voice of each individual on the platform through its DPoS governance model.

Clip From Episode #29 of The LEO Podcast:

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