Hive: A Clean Slate for a Decentralized Community | LEO Podcast Clip

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Hive is a community-driven fork of the Steem blockchain. After the Steem blockchain was Sybil attacked by Justin Sun — who colluded with exchanges to vote his own witnesses into the DPoS governance of Steem so that he could push forward his own agenda.

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The ex-Steem community wasn’t going to sit around and just take this quietly. Instead, the community rallied together and brought the top on-chain developers, community-owners and businesses together to create a hardfork.

Since then, the forked currency — HIVE — has been trading at a premium over STEEM (30%-100% at times) and is showing VASTLY more support within the Hive and wider crypto community. This is a true test of DPoS governance and how on-chain politics work when a malicious actor (Justin Sun) comes in and attempts to push his own agenda on a decentralized community.

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