Justin Sun Colludes With Binance to Destroy Steem Governance | Steemleo Show #17

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Today I woke up to some saddening news. Something that I could have never anticipated.

Justin Sun has taken control of the top 20 witness spots on the Steem Blockchain. He now controls all of the top 20 delegated proof of stake block produces. Meaning that he can do anything he wants to the Steem Blockchain and there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop him.

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This is the exact reason why the soft fork was put into place — to keep this shithead from doing something like this and taking over OUR blockchain. OUR community’s home.

How did he do it though? I was so confused… that is, until I saw the transaction data.

He did it by paying Binance and Huobi something on the order of half a million USD+ in bribes to STAKE ALL OF THE STEEM held on their custodial exchanges and use it to proxy vote Justin Sun’s witness voting account.

We can’t fully confirm that these were bribes, but millions of STEEM being sent to the exchange accounts from Steemit, Inc. accounts minutes after the proxies are set?? If it looks like a bribe and smells like a bribe….

In this video, I am a bit heated. This is a passionate subject for me.

Steem is not dead. Far from it. We are not the Steem Blockchain. We are a community of Steemians. We can live and thrive anywhere, regardless of what our banner is called.

I believe that this situation will still work itself out. We are a resilient bunch. I, for one, will never stand alongside people like Justin Sun after seeing his true colors.

He’s as bad or even worse than Ned. Sun is a liar, a thief and anti-decentralization and crypto itself. I wouldn’t invest in anything he touches. Ever.

In fact, I hope legal action formulates around this. I hope some government body takes note of this collusion between Sun and top crypto exchanges to take over the Steem blockchain’s governance model. This should not be allowed to be swept under the rug.

Famous people in crypto and reporters are now taking note of what’s happening. I encourage you, as a Steemian, to take to Twitter and social media and voice your opinions and outrage. Show the crypto community that Steemians will not stand for this kind of bullshit intimidation and corrupt governance.

Links Mentioned:

  1. Steemleo Tweet Thread with live updates on breaking news: https://twitter.com/steemleo/status/1234511916611112967
  2. User Funds being locked from withdrawal on Binance https://twitter.com/FeruzM/status/1234552656783343616
  3. Transactions indicating possible bribes to exchanges like Binance and Huobi https://steemd.com/@misterdelegation
  4. https://steemd.com/@deepcrypto8
  5. Proxy voting account held by Justin Sun https://steemd.com/@dev365
  6. Current Top 20 witnesses — all controlled by Sun https://twitter.com/steemleo/status/1234512765550841858/photo/1
  7. Steemit’s Bullshit Letter explaining their collusion and corrupt activities https://steemleo.com/tron/@steemitblog/an-open-letter-to-the-community-hf22-5

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@khaleelkazi the moment i heard justin sun was taking over steem blockchain,i knew that he will kind of destroy the steem governance that was formerly in existence...

Posted via Steemleo

if there is a way to destroy it, they will... check www.bitmessage.org pure p2p censorship resistant protocol for example... the delegates in the DPOS were always going to be the entry point.

We never saw this coming?

Why is the blockchain considered so untouchable and perfect and immutable, when all it takes is somebody with money to buy it up and destroy it?

The whole "Steemit.com isn't the Steem blockchain or the STEEM currency" mantra was bullshit all along.

Posted via Steemleo

Certainly, all will be well.

Posted via Steemleo

Is it possible all is steemians could get together and pool our witness votes on one or two witnesses and at least get one or two back into the top 20?

Stop. Just... stop. lol.

It a sad and nice video by the way. At this point the hard fork is inevitable!

wait and see :).

I Think I Am Going to Be Sick...😱😡😵😰

can't say that I am surprised by his reaction to the latest move

Can't say that I am
Surprised by his reaction
To the latest move

                 - doitvoluntarily

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