Can You Really Earn a Living on Crypto?

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This concept of earning a living is time-tested in so many different fields. 20 years ago, people were asking this very same question for the internet and wondering if it was possible to build some kind of website or blog or freelancing business, etc. and earn a living online.

Now that cryptocurrencies have entered this stage of being viewed as early-stage internet, I think this idea of "can you earn a living on crypto" is an interesting one to explore.

I did a quick google search to see what other outlets were talking about:

Even as I was typing these words into google, I could feel the sense of sleaziness. Whenever you search anything about making money online, earning passive income, etc. you are always bombarded with these fake influencers selling some kind of mastermind class on how to make money.

This idea of making money doing stuff that you enjoy doing is nothing new. When it comes to crypto, we have this doubly dangerous thing because if the wrong person convinces the right mark about some kind of "insider knowledge" they have, the innocent searcher might get caught up in an elaborate scheme where they send some Bitcoin to an address and never see it again.

Why I Am Interested in the Conversation

Earning money by doing what we love is something that all of us dream about. It's the golden dream of financial freedom and complete independence.

I don't look at things from the passive income angle much. That's always a dangerous rabbit hole to go down. In my personal opinion, there is no passive income approach that will get you anywhere UNLESS (and pay attention to this) you already have a sizable amount of capital to deploy into something that yields a low and reliable APY. Here I'm referring to people who can invest $250k (for example) into something that yields ~10% APY and make $25k.

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Living on crypto is possible if you have patience and technical knowledge of mining, staking, trading etc. You must be able to keep your crypto safe, Then you may have a chance to earn livings by crypto