Your Experience Is "Money", Feeling Free To Sell?

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It's because alarming how jobs are vanishing in some countries of the world, for example in a place like Nigeria you have one job sought after by two thousand people and when the job is being award to one person, it vehemently leaves one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine people unemployed, in the past the economy guarantee job for people who apparently are educated because education wasn't so easily available.

It was expensive, competitive and worth it, so not many people had it, this was the case in 1989 but in 2020, education is easier and accessible and government's expenditure isn't expanding to establish more opportunities to once again restore the value of education. Most times jobs are gotten when you actually know someone in a position, so the opportunities out there become a bit nepotistic and that's why you see a chain of people either related by familiarity, blood or acquaintances majorly sitting in a particular sector when that opportunity could have been wild open for someone.

So majorly there are no dual reason again education in Nigeria, other than to be informed, rid of ignorance and learned and employment is taken off. So the ordinary degree holder is forced to take less than what they're worth or become extra creative in other to thrive. I once worked in an organisation where I can only feed, clothe and pay debts off my salary and not more than that. So the private sectors are taking advantage of the fact that government are doing a terrible job at job creation despite racking in so much more.

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So when a private sector, firm company or organisation opens us a business, they underpay people, get the best to work for them, they thrive and make profit off the effort of People who probably invested more money in themselves to become good enough to be selected for a job. So an underwhelming economy is what some individuals thrive on. While it has a huge negative effect on a mass majority, sometimes there are some set of people manipulating the outlook of the economy so as to keep getting rich at the expense of people.

This is what will keep happening should Nigeria keep banning imported good. The truth is that there needs to be a balance between imported goods and local goods because if one is thriving more than the other, then there will be monopoly, just like the monopoly that Dangote products and Inc are currently enjoying. But because there's no statistic evaluation or analysis of banning imported goods, so many will lose their livelihood, there will be unnecessary inflation and once again the value of naira will plummet and the cycle will keep repeating itself.

Incompetent people are doing the job of professionals in governance and this is why the majority is with less wealthy people, and the minority because the masses or the electorate suffering from the decisions, financial decisions made by unprofessional, when clearly the job of balancing a country's economy should be handled by the best of professional. So far Nigeria is currently under her worst leader since 1960 and the best was under President Obasanjo in 2006/7. The economy is being tinkered in experimention when massively the government is enjoying money from exportation but deciding to ban importation

In a nutshell?

Creativity become that defining prospect to turn your situation around. Mind you, Nigeria is a hostile country especial to vloggers, due to the rate of internet scam around, it's difficult to parade yourself as a vlogger while going on an interesting market adventure to make creative Videos if you're not popular or a celebrity of a sort, videos are like goldmine, ask any popular Instagram comedian. However in an unfriendly country as Nigeria you could be killed for even vlogging or taking videos of intricate things, for a humid country with unpleasant Opportunities, how can you sell your experience?*

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Yeah, experience, striving in life, and being combine with creativity always push us forward. Thanks for this teachings.

Welcome, thank you for reading

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