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RE: Understanding the Steemit social media platform gift economy to maximize the return on your investment.

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Distinctions & Similarities:

I appreciate the distinction you make between a gift economy and certain types of capitalism, but I disagree to the extent that free markets can be built around friends and people in the same way you would on Steemit. Yes, there are differences, perhaps. And Cronyism is bad. But I'm not talking about monopolism, corporatism, plutocracy, etc, when I try to talk about free markets, etc.


You are right, specifically speaking, in that Steemit is unique and I love Steem and other related things. The specifics of how people use Steem and how Steem works is unique and special and I'm not disagreeing with you on that. Also, fake versions of capitalism is very bad. Sadly, the world only has aspects of free markets. You talked a little bit about investing and that is key for sure.


Thank you for this detailed and helpful explanation.

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