Announcing SteemCITY, a Game Based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

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Hello! After a few weeks being underground, SteemCity game is officialy out. The game is created by me - game code in python, web page is created by @mys in js vue, graphics are created by @zaxan.

Here is the web page for the game:

How to Play SteemCITY

This will be a short and quick guide into the SteemCity mechanics to set you on the right path to help you grow. Everyone wants to grow, right?

SteemCITY will allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income. It is a city simulator game based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The individual NFTs represent assets in the game and the total collection of your assets is your city.

How to Buy Game Assets

This is not a free to play game; you will need to buy some buildings to play the game and earn your rewards. Then with rewards you can continue buying more assets and stimulate growth of your city or just sell your city income.

You can buy random assets from the game:

Or from other players using the market:

Card Properties

Each building has 4 different properties.

Population – How many people=workers live in your city

Income – How many SIM tokens you will earn daily

Popularity – Bonus to population, 100 = 10%

Workers – Buildings without workers do not produce any income

Some of the assets are population oriented, like Basic home, Luxury Home, and Apartment. These buildings have a population in them, give low income, don’t have popularity and need no workers.

Other assets give you more income and city popularity, but they don’t have population in them. For example, the Shopping Mall has 15 income and 8 popularity, but it needs 20 workers. To receive income from your buildings you will need to have enough population to fill them. This means you need to combine the income and popularity producing assets with the population assets.

Keep in mind that the population will increase in time on its own, from popularity bonus. You will have homeless and immigrants arriving in your city 😊.

The sum of all the buildings gives the total population, income and popularity to your city.

SteemCITY Rewards

SteemCITY has two reward pools:

SIM tokens – Earn SIM tokens daily based on your city income. SIM tokens can be used to buy other cards/buildings or you can sell them on the market.

STEEM reward pool – 50% from the card sales and post rewards goes to the STEEM reward pool. 10% of that is distributed weekly based on top 100 ranking by population.

As stated above players receive daily income in SIM and weekly income in STEEM. SIM income is based on the collective income from your buildings. STEEM rewards are distributed weekly from the reward pool that comes from 50% from cards sales. These rewards are distributed to the top 100 players based on the ranking by population.

STEEM rewards pool( around 9000 steem at the moment ) will be activated next Sunday (first distribution).

More Information

You can find more details about game on the web page:

Future Updates

The base for the game is really simple, buy-trade-optimize-earn. But we're working on next releases that will bring more cards, more mechanics, more events, more possibilities and differents paths to build your city.

Another things we're working on is set of graphics for all the in-game assets, and collectible game backgrounds. You can see on screenshots above the game background is plain, but future players will have the possiblity to custimize the game with collectible backgrounds, mine those through the game or buy with SIM, sell or buy on the market. Also there is possibility for backgrounds made by steemians, backgrounds dedicated to communitties, etc.

You can follow the progress of our work on discord. I am super active on discord, that's probably where you met me for the first time :)

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interesting :)


You did an awesome and amazing job. I like the way that thing started and how you utilize all the nft.

Here is a !BEER to honor your work as all the beer lovers enjoy the integration of the BEER token.

Congratz on full release! :)

Great job on the game Gerber, glad to see it come along so far in just a few weeks.

thanks :) it went so fast thanks to community support and @mys who did great job on web page :)

I will play it for sure.

Watching this go from idea to a full-fledged game with a true NFT use case has been really fun. Thanks for creating something awesome for Steem @gerber. I know people are gonna love this game 🔥🔥

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Gonna give this a try, I used to love SIM City back in the 90’s and funny enough I’m still paying DrugWars on Steem after (a year). These games can get really addictive— count me in 😅👍🏽

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i was considering making drug-wars game inside my game :P there is endless of possibilities with NFT tokens and steem :) i have hundreds of ideas daily, my documents for next releases are super long already

I love the game so far but your gonna have to start your own # for it

Excellent news! Keep up the great work, I know there are many synergy potential with other projects!

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