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The the best URL shortener to monetize your external links or internal website links is This is because they are one of the highest paying and reliable URL shorteners out there. They also come loaded with an arsenal of handy tools for webmasters and link sharers in order to maximize earnings. Offers

  • Quick Link (Add a code to the end of a link to automatically shorten it)
  • Mass URL Shrink
  • Website Script Creation
  • Easy Wordpress Integration
  • Easy integration
  • Automatic Link Statistics Tracking
  • Withdraw to Paypal (min $5), Payoneer (min $20), or WebMoney (min $5) accounts
  • Website has been Operational and paying for 2+ years

If you think that is a proper match for your link monetization, get started creating an account now and start earning by sharing your links today.

Bonus Reward

Get a $1 USD bonus when your shared link gets its first 100 views!

What Is the Payout Rate Per 1000 Views?

Payout rates depend on the audience the link is shared with.

  • Tier- 1 countries they can generate as much as $8 to $14 per 1000 views.
  • Tier - 2 countries are in the $4 to $8 range.
  • Lower Tier - 3 countries can pay anything from as low at $0.56 to $4

When And How Do I Get Paid?

Simply fill in your profile with your designated payment account details. On the 10th of every month, if your minimum amount requirements have been met, payments will be automatically made to your account by

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