My List of Trusted Cryptocurrency Faucets In 2020 (2+ Years Online)

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Heres a few faucets I have been using a quite awhile now. They have been operational and paying reliably for 2+ years. If you are new to cryptocurrency faucets, check out this short guide to get you started.

My List of Trusted Cryptocurrency Faucets In 2020 (2+ Years Online)

FreeBitCo - Claim once every hour for a chance to win up to $200 BTC

Moon Bitcoin - Claim every five minutes, optional mining bonus.

Moon Bitcoin Cash - Claim every five minutes

Moon Litecoin - Claim every five minutes

Moon Dash - Claim every five minutes

Moon Doge - Claim every five minutes

Bonus Bitcoin - Claim every fifteen minutes

*All Moon Faucets + Bonus Bitcoin claim to the same Coinpot micro-wallet service. They can all be converted to bitcoin within the microwallet and withdrawn free of charge. A good websites to withdraw/trade your bitcoin to after is KuCoin Exchange. This is because they have very low minimum deposits for BTC and for trading they have low minimum order thresholds.

More Cryptocurrency Faucets To Try

CoinFaucet - Claim free XRP once every hour with an additional chance to win up to $300 in XRP. Currently they are offering promo codes for additional rolls via twitter. Users can also choose to visit 7 additional links to earn 7 free rolls every 24 hours. This website has been around and paying for 2+ years

These websites are owned and operated by the same people as CoinFaucet and have a similar payment structures. The only difference is the cryptocurrency being claimed.

Claim Free NEM

Claim Free Cardano

Claim Free Tether

Claim Free Steam

Claim Free Bitcoin

Worthy Websites To Mention

MellowAds Faucet - Claim 500 - 300 Satoshi once everyone 24 hours. Bitcoin claimed through the faucets cannot be withdrawn, however, it can be used for free bitcoin advertising offered by the platform.

EarnCrypto - Get paid in the cryptocurrency of your choice (over 50 to choose from) for watching videos, completing offers, surveys, jobs/tasks, data entry, or installing apps. The website has been around and paying for 2+ years.

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Thanks for this, I was just going to make a post asking which are best or still active but this is perfect. I'll use your links to register. I've been using for a while & have withdrawn. They have STEEM too.

Your welcome! I will have to check it out when I have a chance.

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Sorry everyone, the link for FreeBitCo was broken and lead to an invalid website. It has been fixed.

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