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BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES is a blockchain game based on the existing title My Crypto Heroes featuring Brave Frontier characters. In the game Characters (Units) and weapons (Spheres) are digital assets, secured by blockchain technology.

Blockchain Game Genre & Assets

Game data, such as units and items, are owned by users in the form of assets. Unlike other entries, BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES allows users to buy and sell units assets using the virtual currency “Ethereum”. Additionally, there are a limited number of characters and items with their monetary value determined by the player base


Ethereum (ETH) is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications, such as BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES. This can be used to purchase in-game currency known as ZEL.

1 ETH equates to 10,000 ZEL.


Heroes from My Crypto Heroes can be converted over to BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES, including Nightingale, Dartagnan, and Sun CE.

Gameplay Features

Similar to other titles in the series, Quests can be challenged with the use of stamina. Clearing quests yields Exp for your units as well as Spheres.

The Lab is a facility where ZEL and Exp can be exchanged. This facility is designed around using ZEL to earn Exp. Additionally, Replica Spheres obtained through quests can be exchanged for ZEL only if the user is part of the Prime Program.

More details on conversion will be revealed at a later time.

In-game Market (Trading)
For the first time in the series, units and spheres can be traded among other players. ZEL is used as the in-game currency for purchasing.

Art Edit
Art Edit is a function players may use to upload pictures or drawings. Upon using the unit’s Brave Burst (should it be edited through the Art Edit feature), the player’s drawing will be shown in the cut-in animation that plays.


Use Code yBK9

Prime Program Benefits:

  1. Increase the upper limit of Stamina
  2. Increase the number of recovering Stamina
  3. Increase EXP that you would receive via quest
  4. Increase the number of party
  5. Right to access EXP Exchange
  6. Right to challenge to the highest rank quest
  7. Right to join early Unit sale(This starts from 22nd Feb.)
  8. Right to make the invite code
  9. When you mint NFT right to receive small amount of ETH
  10. Right to challenge to special PvP event
  11. Receive God Blade Mifune (Novice unit) when you join Prime for the first time.
  12. Receive Flesh Armor (Novice Sphere) when you join Prime for the first time.

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