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RE: Justin Sun Wants Out?

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Sun knew wxactly what he bought. He did the required due diligence.
He saw an opportunity. Ned knew exactly what he sold. He did the required disclosures.

Justin is a much more capable thief than Ned. He is much more capable in most business aspects.

I saw people helping Justin fortify his position on both sides at that meeting. The ones who are in it to same themselves shouldn't be present at the next meeting. Most have lost their top 20 spot anyway.

It was a major blow to us. We haven't all lost, but Justin isn't the only one not to be trusted right now.


Tend to agree with you, both sat down to discuss the sale, both should be held accountable.

Coming in after the fact, saying you do not understand or did not know, shows extremely bad business ethics. Delinquent Directors/Owners should never be allowed back at the helm.

What has caught both off-guard IMHO is neither could foresee the commitment a community could rally together and fight for a decentralized system.

Justin could very easily ask for assistance to right the wrongs. Apologize to Witnesses who were not involved in the sale.

One may venture so far as to say he could offer to buy (with an apology as well, the original Steemit.Inc developers to continue work, it's called swallowing pride, then make money.

There is little trust anywhere when money is the only bottom line.

It's a bad situation. The actual selling of Steemit INC happened behind closed doors and with little understanding of their huge stake.

I think a lot of people regret freezing that stake now. But if we weren't here and it worked as planned, would they still have the same regrets?

Hindsight is always 50/50, what was done was with the interests of the larger community at the time.

All are adults, it is time to sit and discuss how to move forward, no pandering on likes or dislikes, business moves forward or collapses.

Please call names of the helpers!

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