THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 : // Thursday November 04 - 2021 DIARY BY @val123

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Hello fellow steemains,

How is everyone doing, I hope you are doing great. Wow is have been a while but Am back fulling and no more going back; well am here to give my diary report and how mine day went. I wake up as early as 04:00am, although I was still feeling sleepy but I have to stand up and went to bathroom and wash my face and then join the morning prayer which starts from 4am in the morning and end 05:15am every morning and after that I have to start preparing for work and then I finished preparing and I left mine house at about 06:05am, and out for work, then on mine way to office I have to took a picture.
Am when was going to the office and is seeing like today is a sit at home as usually and why I said that is because everywhere is still dry and in me I said let me just be going like that because there is a prize that my boss set for people that comes early and me I don't want to missed it beside there is one of colleague that usually come to work early and me I want to see whether I will come before her so that I will took first position, but it a challenge to me that the girl come to work all the way from umuode village along express way and she still comes to work as early as 06:00am am just imagine which time does she leaves her house, well I will try mine best so that I will be among those that will win. And this is the picture that I snap when I was coming and as I said before that everywhere look like we are observing sit at home today.
And then reaching my office I have to go and open the generator house and also test run it for today activities because I don't know whether there is going to be a steady light on power supply today and I even take a picture, please don't mind me I like take pictures of what I do at the particular time thank you.
And then after that within a short time we were called for morning devotion and we have a short morning devotion and we all return back to office. Today was so stressfull and I was stressed out and it is because of the tomorrow sit at home and everybody is running up and down to buy at least food stuffs for there family. And then I was sent to go and buy a HD Microsoft camera from st.micheals and I was looking for it every where but I couldn't see it and it only one person that have it and not only that the camera is costly and I even snap it.

And I even have a picture of where I bought the camera and those people are so good and the way the attend to a customer it so nice and I even promise then that I will bring more customers for them.


As I return back to the office and I took that camera that brought st.micheal, and took it the people that I brought it for and the are one of our branch at ogborhill and on mine way going, the road so busy and I finally delivered the camera and from there went straight to jubilee road to check on a guy that is repairing my scanner but reaching there I didn't see him, and then I have a call from my office and it is my boss that called me and on mine way rushing back, I have to took another picture for my daily report.

And this is where the repair motorcycle and if you want repair motorcycle take it to jubilee by ASA road aba, the will repair it very well and can also buy Brand New one from there.


And then around 06:19pm I close for today and as return back to the office and then I continue my office work which took me up to 4hours and some minutes before this time I left the office and start going back to my house and reaching to the bus stop there is no taxi or bus and even Keke I didn't see and there is no option that to start trekking and I trek down to aba town hall and Keke which I enter and I was tried, and imagine trekking from new market to aba town hall is not easy at least those that live in aba can testify it. Well today was so stressfull and I need to rest very well because of tomorrow and as you see it getting dark.

Well thank you for taking your time to go through mine daily post I appreciate and am so much great fully and I so much appreciate the effort of:


if you want repair motorcycle take it to jubilee by ASA road aba,

That is true,they really try in repairing gen and co.
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